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The Seven Day Challenge is our way of celebrating National Emergency Preparedness Month in September. Over the years we have done things a little differently each time. However the main concept has always been the same. The challenge is made up of practicing and analyzing your preparedness skills and storage for 7 days. Concepts covered in the PREPAREDNESS CYCLE are covered and we always have a great time!


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During the 7 Day Challenge we go through the entire preparedness cycle over 7 days to see how we are doing with our preps. Each day we give you challenges, tasks, and limitations to practice and assess. Whether you are a beginner or advanced this cycle is something you’re constantly going through.


We know everyone is at different levels of preparedness and there will be scaling. We’d like to remind you to try your best and don’t stress.



fillingwater Tuesday, September 19 to Wednesday, September 20
During these 2 days we will spend time making sure all our ducks are in a row. We will list tasks you will want to do to “PREPARE”. Examples of some tasks include filling water containers, ensuring flashlights have batteries, shoes are by their beds etc, supplies are organized and updated.


practice Thursday, September 21 to Saturday, September 23
During the 3 day “PRACTICE” portion of the challenge we will be doing 3 different scenarios much like prior years. EXPECT there will be challenges to go without power and water! We will practice cooking, cleaning, showering, and more. Each day there will be a different scenario with things to practice and learn.

Thursday September 21 – Day 1: Natural Disaster
Friday September 22 – Day 2: Personal Family Emergency
Saturday September 23 – Day 3: Economic Long-Term Crisis

The goal will be to do the best you can, learn from the experience, and improve!


prior Sunday, September 24

On the “PRIORITIZE” day we will take some time with our families to really analyze how we did. What worked? What didn’t? Where are the holes in our preps? What are our next steps? We will have worksheets and ideas to help you make a game plan to move forward.


proceed Monday, September 25
Although the “PROCEED” day will only be one day during the challenge it will continue on for you in your personal preparedness cycle and journey. We will encourage you to go purchase the items you are in need of most. We will talk about ways to learn more skills so you can proceed and get going on becoming more prepared. As you proceed through the cycle, you will continue to find opportunities to prepare, practice, and prioritize over and over. And next year will be one of those opportunities!

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