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It’s a question we get all the time. “How would you cook without power?”  With the recent natural disasters, we have been getting asked that question more and more frequently.   In today’s post we wanted to summarize a lot of important powerless cooking info so you can make your powerless cooking plan come together.  Make sure you read the whole thing because through out the text there are links handouts, tutorials, videos and more!

FIRST: The short answer… We would use our Sun Oven as much as we possibly could and then rely on our other options that require fuel when we can’t use our Sun Oven.

Why is that? With a Sun Oven you have free, renewable energy. You can even use it in the winter. As long as there is enough sunlight to cast a shadow, you can use your Sun Oven.

We understand that a Sun Oven is an investment and you may want to learn more about it before investing in one. That’s why we are inviting you to a free webinar to learn more about Sun Ovens. The webinar will also feature a deal on the Sun Oven. Even if you can’t come that night, BE SURE to register for it so you can watch it later and still take advantage of the education and offer.


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Learn how to:

Bake, boil, steam or roast complete meals which will never burn.

  • Boil or pasteurize drinking water.
  • Naturally dehydrate fruits, vegetables or make jerky.
  • Kill insects, seeds, fungus and bacteria in used potting soil to restore it to its original sterile state.
  • Dry herbs without breaking down the essential oils and vitamins to increase nutrients.
  • Enhance your sprouting during the winter.
  • Enjoy baked roasts and bread all summer long while reducing your utility bills.
  • Naturally, kill bug infestations in grains or dried foods.
  • Easily peel freshly laid hard boiled eggs.
  • Be better prepared for Emergencies.

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Now, onto the powerless cooking info… This is not an ALL encompassing list but it contains some of our favorite tried and true tools and ideas.


There are a variety of fuels you can use and store. Knowing about the shelf-life and purposes of each of these fuels can help you make a plan for your storage needs. The following handout goes through a few of the most common fuels. Considerations such as the pros, the cons, the shelf-life, 1 month supply and storage limitations are included.


These are the kinds of tools that you can make yourself, or purchase for little cost. These are tools that would probably help you get through a short-term powerless emergency, but may not be all that fun to use long term.

Butane stove: Butane stoves are the best! You can use them inside and it’s just like cooking on a gas stove. The butane doesn’t last forever but it’s such a great and inexpensive tool to have.
For a look at a butane stove on amazon click here

#10 can stove: This is a good stove to boil water on or cook small pre-made just-add-water meals in.
For a tutorial on how to make a #10 can stove, click here
To purchase a charcoal chimney starter, click here

Cardboard Box Oven: This makes a decent little oven you could cook bread or small meals in. The temperature control isn’t great but it works if you’re in a bind
For a tutorial on how to make a Cardboard Box Oven, click here


While these tools will also work for short-term situations, they are useful in situations where you may go without power for longer amounts of times. Some of these tools require more of an investment, however they can be used in everyday cooking, camping, and powerless situations. With each of these tools we have videos and explanations on our site on our Powerless Cooking page.

Sun Oven: A Sun Oven uses the sun as fuel to cook anything you would cook in an oven or even cook rice and other meals in. To learn more about Sun Ovens register for the webinar this week

Volcanos:  A Volcano can use propane or charcoal and has different options in terms of cook tops you can go between. To learn more about the Volcano Collapsible Grill and purchase one online with free shipping click here

HERC Tea-Light candles: These are ovens you can use indoors to bake bread or anything else you would cook in an oven. To learn more about the HERC Tea-Light Candle Ovens and get an exclusive coupon code click here

Wonder Oven: Wonder ovens are like crock pots. Essentially they are thermal cookers. You need to bring your food to a boil before putting it in there but then it continues to cook for hours after. For a tutorial on how to make your own Wonder Oven, click here

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