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How to Make Ezekiel Bread

Several years ago Julie posted about an Ezekiel Bread Recipe that one of our readers shared on Facebook and asked someone to try for her since she didn't have a wheat grinder. I recently started a new eating plan and one of the recommended foods for my carbohydrates is Ezekiel Bread. I knew I needed to finally try this recipe for myself as it makes way more sense to rotate through my grains and legumes as opposed to buying this expensive bread from the store. I made a few tweaks to the original recipe that I was very happy with! Some of Julie's complaints were that the dough was really liquidy/sticky and that the bread was pretty crumbly when cooked. I researched some other Ezekiel Bread recipes and there are…
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Ezekiel Bread – Julie’s Long Overdue Promise

So awhile back one of our Facebook Fans asked if someone would try this bread for her because she didn't have a wheat grinder. I promised I would - And I'm not going to admit how long it took me to get around to it... (although you could find the thread on our facebook discussions and I would be busted!) So I really had no idea why so many people fussed about this bread, I was just excited to try something new... I looked it up and found this: Ezekiel bread in it's earliest form can be found in the Holy Bible in the book of Ezekiel chapter 4, verse 9 which says: "Also take wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet, and spelt, and put them into one vessel and make…
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From Storage to Stovetop: WHEAT

Wheat is a huge staple in most people's food storage but it's not something that most people know how to cook with in their everyday cooking. We decided we didn't want to store things that we weren't comfortable with using so we went on a little journey to learn how to cook with wheat. This was quite an adventure for us as 8 years ago we didn't even know what wheat kernels look like! Wheat Conversions 1 cup of wheat kernels = 1 1/2 cups of whole wheat flour 1 cup of whole wheat flour = 2/3 cup of wheat kernels 1 lb of wheat kernels = 2 cups of wheat kernels Tips for Cooking With Wheat Use hard white wheat to make your wheat flour, it has less of…
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Using Grains: A Recipe Index

This week in our Food Storage Do- Over we are working on incorporating some of the grains we are storing into our everyday cooking. Here is a resource for you on recipes using grains we have done on our site over the past number of years. Pick a grain you need to use or rotate and give a recipe a try! Blender Wheat Pancakes Whole Wheat/Multi-Grain Waffles Whole Wheat Tortillas Best Wheat Bread Recipe – Yup We Said BEST! Food Storage Enchilada Pie Homemade Whole Wheat Noodles and Lasagna Peanut Butter Bread 3 Pizza Dough Recipes Pumpkin Cake No-Knead Bread Sourdough 101: Part 2 of 2 (Bread) Homemade Whole Wheat “Rhodes” Rolls Boxed Cake Mix Extender Best Sugar Cookies EVER! Whole Wheat Bread (start to finish) Honey Whole Wheat Bread…
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Food Storage Made Easy Birthday Bash

6 years ago, we were two young moms who started a blog to help us organize our thoughts on building our food storage and being prepared for ... something. We didn't know what, but we knew we needed to do it. We posted a few things but didn't want to share it with anyone until there were more than just a few posts on there :) We officially launched July 1st, 2008 but wrote for most of June so we want to celebrate out 6 year blogiversary this month with all of you! Make sure to scroll down and see our special eBook sale that only happens twice a year! While we have learned a lot over the last 6 years, we still have so much we want to figure…
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Food Storage Encyclopedia

Our mission at Food Storage Made Easy is to provide you with bite-size pieces of information to help you become more prepared and self-reliant. Here is a complete encyclopedia of articles that can help you along the way. FAMILY PLAN OVERVIEW Complete Emergency Preparedness Plan Emergency Preparedness Plan: What's New Podcast: Emergency Preparedness Plan 50 Last Minute Ways To Prepare For An Emergency Thoughts On Fire Preparedness Planning For Your Family’s Future Basic CPR And First Aid Tips 8 Tasks to Help you "Prep" for Winter DISASTER KIT (72 HOUR KITS) OVERVIEW Complete Emergency Preparedness Plan How To Make A 72 Hour Kit (original milk jug) 72 Hour Kits Revisited: Part 1 Of 2 72 Hour Kits Revisited: Part 2 Of 2 72 Hour And Disaster Kits For Babies/Toddlers Disaster…
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Here is a great compilation of 17 recipes and ways to use your Wheat Grinder. Our favorite Wheat Grinders are the WonderMill and NutriMill electric mills. We sell them for the lowest prices available online at our online store. Enjoy these recipes and happy cooking! WonderMill is currently having a February special and you can pick up an electric mill for just $179.95. That is the LOWEST price we have ever been able to sell one of these machines so grab yours now if you've been waiting to get one. GRIND BEANS FOR BEAN FLOUR Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup Julie LOVES to make a healthy and cheap version of cream of chicken soup using just dry beans and chicken bouillon, it's amazing!  See how she includes it in this…
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How to Overcome Food Storage Challenges

The other day we posed this question to our facebook group: What is your biggest Food Storage Challenge? Click above to see all the answers. We love when you guys share like this :) So it took everything in me to not respond to each person individually and give them some advice on how to overcome their challenge. Instead, we decided to take the top five challenges and address them in a post that we will share with everyone. Hopefully it will help all those who responded, as well as help the rest of our readers who struggle with one of these areas. Challenge #1: NO SPACE One of the most common problems people have when tackling the task of building a food storage is lack of space. Trust us-…
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Food Storage Made Easy Turns FOUR Years Old!

This month we are celebrating our "4 years of Blogging" Birthday. It's crazy to think only 4 short years ago we had no food storage or even any idea of what food storage really was. We started this blog as a way to document everything we were learning, and since then, have come a long way. While we have learned a lot over the last 4 years, we still have so much we want to figure out. We never expected how much we would enjoy this adventure, and are thrilled at the many friendships we've built, and things we have learned from YOU our readers! So today, we're celebrating with all the typical things you would celebrate with at a Birthday Party as we look back on the last 4…
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We Heart Pinterest Day 12: BREAD

Since we LOVE Food Storage, and LOVE Pinterest (see post here), each day until February 14th, we'll be showing you some of our favorite Pinterest boards and neat things we have found and have pinned there! It's so great to see and share what others have done. Today we are highlighting the BREAD board. Bread is something that most people want to master as part of their food storage education due to the fact that we store so much wheat. This board has several of our favorite bread recipes, bread making tips, and other yummy things you can make out of bread dough. PIN 1: Our all-time favorite 100% whole wheat bread recipe. PIN 2: See Julie's experiment with the super-nutritious Ezekiel bread. PIN 3: Olive garden breadsticks ... yummy!…
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