The Food Storage Made Easy Binder featuring Products from Alison’s Pantry will help YOU the representative sell more Food Storage items. With checklists containing ALISON’S PANTRY products, over 100 pages of info on building food storage, and recipes, your customers will have everything they need to feel confident when building their food storage.

Representative CD Copies include:

  • PDF file, with instructions on how to make your Binder
  • Spreadsheet Calculators in excel
  • Tools to sell the CD to your customers (flyer, images etc)
  • REMEMBER: You must own a REP COPY to purchase BULK COPIES

Purchase the Binder on Disc – Representative Copy: $17 each

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After you have purchased a REPRESENTATIVE COPY, you are eligible to purchase bulk copies. Bulk copies include everything your customer will need to build their VERY OWN Food Storage Made Easy featuring Alison’s Pantry products Binder.

You can use these bulk copies as gifts or you can sell them. When giving customers the CD’s as gifts you are encouraging them to buy Alison’s Pantry products while building their food storage. If you sell the copies, you are encouraging them to buy Alison’s Pantry products, AND you’re making a profit! These are only available on our website once in a while and sell for $22.00.  We sell it as a downloadable file for $17 EVERY DAY!

BULK COPIES (4 copies or less):$10 each

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BULK COPIES (5 to 14 copies):$7 each

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BULK COPIES (15 copies ore more):$5 each

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Shipping is free for all orders except for the $5 bulk copies. Please email us for a shipping quote if you order 15 or more discs. FOR ANY OTHER QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL US AT: INFO@FOODSTORAGEMADEEASY.NET