Everyday Food Storage Lady Needs Our Help!

As most of you know, we like to refer you to an awesome blog to find good food storage recipes. Well the author of the blog everydayfoodstorage.net was on TV this week for the Utah's Own Down Home Cook Off competition. Monday was the big day she got to show how to make Twinkie Surprise Cupcakes on air with Chef Bryan on channel 2. She also shared a tip for using dehydrated eggs in between cooking segments. If you want to help vote for Crystal to win the cook off all you need to do is CLICK HERE. The contest finalists are picked by how many times people VIEW the recipe on kutv's website, so please help support Crystal and her Everyday Food Storage Blog by viewing the recipe and…
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How to Use a Wheat Grinder – Video

Appliance Tutorials, Grains, Videos, Wheat
As we mentioned in BabyStep 5, the biggest hang-up people seem to have with starting their long-term food storage is WHEAT! And more specifically, how to actually use a wheat grinder. Well don't worry, as promised we have made a video showing you just how simple it is to grind your own flour from wheat. SPECIAL NOTE - After the cameras stopped rolling and it was clean up time, we found that the WonderMill was WAY cleaner. The Nutrimill blew out more flour and was a little slower in a side by side test. Do you own one of these wheat grinders or a different one? What do you like/dislike about it? Stay tuned for our Wheat Grinder Article coming soon!
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Added "BabyStep 5: Grains" to Main Topics

We added a BabyStep! Check out the Step 5: Grains main topic page to learn all about the exciting world of grains. The grains category is more than just wheat, we promise! We have covered the basics of each of the grains listed in our long term food storage calculator (see BabyStep 4 if you haven't made your chart yet). Stay tuned for a special wheat grinder article and video which will be added soon!
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Planning Your 3 Month Food Supply (BabyStep 3)

Three Month Supply, Videos
FINALLY - A SOLUTION! How do you decide what to include in your 3 Month Food Supply? How do you determine how MUCH of each item to buy? How do you keep track of your current inventory and what you still need to buy? How do you make sure you are stocking up when items are ON SALE? We couldn't find a solution for these questions, so we created one! We have developed a 3 Month Food Supply Worksheet that will help you outline meal plans, convert them into the number of items you need to buy AUTOMATICALLY, and then track your inventory including current prices for each product. View our instructional video before you get started! Let us know what you think of the 3 Month Food Supply Worksheet…
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Update to “Getting Started”

Emergency Preparedness
We have slightly modified the Getting Started section of the website to include some general emergency information. If you have already begun the BabySteps, you may have missed this information. Before you really delve into your food storage program you should have an emergency plan in place for your family (including a disaster supplies kit and your 72 hour food kit). We wrote an article to help summarize the types of things you should include in your emergency plan. If you would like a quick summary, you should print out the Emergency Checklist that Julie put together. Just follow through the checklist and by the time you reach the end you should have your emergency plan in place. It is very helpful!
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Added BabyStep 4 to Main Topics!

Long Term Food Storage
We added a BabyStep! Check out the BabySteps 4 main topic page to learn about an easy way to start the daunting task of your Long-Term Food Storage. We are getting really excited as we are starting to delve into the deeper and more complicated aspects of food storage. We are learning new things every day and will be sharing them with you as we get them down to a simplified format. Note: Julie made a great instructional video as part of this step, so if you want to put a face to her name you should definitely check it out!
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Addition to BabyStep 3 – Three Month Supply

Non-Food Items, Three Month Supply
In planning our 3 months of food we started to think about times that we would actually USE it. The most likely scenario was an economic crunch, job loss, or something of that nature. So if we had no money for food, it would seem likely that there would be no money for other necessities like diapers, medications, toilet paper, toothpaste, etc. Thus we have included establishing a 3 month supply of non-food essentials as part of step 3. Remember, this is only necessities for now. And the biggest benefit of including this in step 3 is you will be able to begin stockpiling these items as they go on sale and rotate them in as you do your food. This should free up even more money in your monthly…
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