During the month of April, we have set up a Shelf Reliance Party where 10% of the value of all products purchased through our online store will go towards helping families in need purchase some much needed food storage.

Nominate a Family Today

Please make sure the family you are nominating meets the following criteria:

  • Has an interest in and a desire to build their food storage (convincing people to want a food storage, isn’t the goal of this project – that’s what our blog is for 🙂 )
  • Has a unique circumstance that has made it difficult for them to make food storage purchases
  • Is willing to share before and after pictures and/or short biographical information that may be posted on our blog, facebook page, etc.

We are hoping to be able to raise enough money to help multiple families. We will announce which families will be getting this awesome Extreme Makeover in early May. Submissions must be received by April 24th. Thank you for your help in finding families in need of this service!

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