Water storage can be accomplished in many different ways. One of the biggest problems people have when storing their water is figuring out how to fit enough of it in their house. When we first saw Water Bricks we knew they could be a GREAT option for people who are struggling with space issues, or who are looking for an easy to carry, light-weight, portable water storage solution.

Water Bricks have a unique stacking capability that allows you to store them in virtually any configuration. From small nooks and crannies to large storage rooms or even outside, these containers will fit your needs. To learn more about this product check out the PRODUCT BROCHURE or read our highlights below.

Water Bricks

  • Storage Capacity: 3.5 gallons of water or food
  • Durability: Industrial grade cross stacking WaterBrick water containers are durable enough to withstand a high impact air drop. Won’t crack or leak with normal usage
  • Stackable: Cross stacks and interlocks up to 4 feet high in closets or the garage to create a bulk storage system. Insert standard ¾ inch PVC through the internal columns of these stackable containers for safer stacking heights
  • Notched Lid with Full Gasket: Notched design allows for an easy to open lid while the heavy duty full gasket provides a tight seal
  • Wide Lid Opening: An average adult can easily reach in for stored contents
  • Carry Handle: Offers easy comfort especially when carrying long distances on foot and, if necessary, is easily detachable
  • HDPE Plastic Resin: FDA approved and BPA free containers for water and food
  • Ultra Violet Protectant: Non-bio degradable 15 year life or longer
  • Interlocking male & female components: For stability and easy stacking. Offers a smaller foot print thus saving storage space
  • Exterior textured and designed: Made to look like a real building block, rounded corners with texture & color to be aesthetically pleasing while showing like a finished product, all-in-one
  • Freezable: Use these water containers as blocks of ice for boating, camping, sporting activities or eliminating food or medication spoilage in your refrigerator during short term power outages. Storing water in your garage or outdoors is not a problem!

Water Bricks: Starting at $19.99 per brick

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4 Water Bricks: $79.96 + FREE SHIPPING ($19.99 per brick)
10 Water Bricks: $189.90 + FREE SHIPPING ($18.99 per brick)
20 Water Bricks: $369.80 + FREE SHIPPING ($18.49 per brick)
30 Water Bricks: $539.70 + FREE SHIPPING ($17.99 per brick)

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4 Water Bricks: $79.96
10 Water Bricks: $189.90
20 Water Bricks: $369.80
30 Water Bricks: $539.70