Beyond the BabySteps: Comfort Foods: Yummy Recipes!

Comfort Food Ideas, Comfort Foods, Recipes
For our Summer Crash Course we have been revamping all of the BabyStep pages and last week we updated the Step 9: Comfort Foods page. On that page we give a great list of ideas for comfort foods but we wanted to give you this bonus handout of fun recipes you can make all with shelf-stable foods and with minimal cooking required (could use a fire pit or barbecue grill in a pinch). Here are the recipes included in the handout. Recipe 1: Best Rice Krispie Squaries (courtesy of Grandma Lori) Recipe 2: Homemade Popcorn Put a few tablespoons of oil (any kind will do) in the bottom of a 4-quart pan. Pour in 1/2 c. of popcorn kernels (we buy ours in bulk #10 cans to use to make…
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