72 Hour Kits Revisited: Part 2 of 2

72 Hour Kits, Disaster Kits, E-Prep Basics
In Part 1 of 72 Hour Kits Revisited, we talked about supplies to have in your 72 Hour kit, along with some great reader tips to think about when building your kits. Today we're talking about something we all LOVE....FOOD! We'll also be talking about things to consider for special circumstances or situations like pets, kids, and babies. We've been asked a couple of times for pre-made menus and each time we've gone to prepare them, we've stopped because we can't please everyone :) We decided the best way to help you plan the food for your kits was to do 2 things. The first is to give you a personal meal planner worksheet. The second is to give you a long list of foods people have suggested, then you…
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72 HOUR KIT IDEAS – CALL FOR HELP! (and a giveaway)

72 Hour Kits, E-Prep Basics
We had no idea the earthquake in Japan would strike when we scheduled to do this post a couple weeks ago. We are very humbled and saddened by the events that are happening over there -and also recently in New Zealand. We send our love and prayers to all those who have been affected by the recent earthquakes and storms. Having said that - it's time to get to work everyone. When we first started the blog, we made our Emergency Preparedness plans and lists. We suggested making a grab list of items you want to get, and Emergency Binders where you store all your important documents that you could grab in case of and emergency and go. We made a72-hour food kit whose contents could all fit in a…
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Disaster Kits … and a GIVEAWAY!

Car Kits, Disaster Kits, Emergency Preparedness
GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED - RESULTS WILL BE POSTED SOON! Our Grandma Lori Food Storage Makeover project has led to quite a few questions from readers on the different types of "ready-made" Disaster Kits that are available. We initially outlined three disaster kit options and chose our recommendations based off of Grandma Lori's preferences. We asked our friends at Emergency Essentials to help us put together a list of all of the kits that they have available and when you might use each one. They gave us some great information for us to share with you, and also offered to do a GIVEAWAY of one of their great kits. Yay for one of our lucky readers! To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment telling us what aspects of Emergency…
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Food Storage Makeover: Disaster Kits

Disaster Kits, Emergency Preparedness, Extreme Food Storage Makeover
We're so excited about our Extreme Makeover: Food Storage Edition project we are working on with Grandma Lori. We decided to start with getting her Disaster Kits put together. Disaster kits consist of a 3 day supply of food, water, and emergency items). As we went through our Emergency Preparedness worksheets we realized that they might not be ideal for every situation (including Grandma Lori's). We came up with the following 3 options to discuss with her: Pros Inexpensive - if you have a lot of the first aid and emergency items on hand already and purchase food items in bulk at the grocery store Flexibility - Freedom to choose foods for your 72 hour kits that suit your family's needs and preferences Cons Time intensive - Inventorying your materials…
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