Beyond the BabySteps: Emergency Chemical Toilet

Beyond the Babysteps, Sanitation
Sanitation can be one of the biggest concerns in a long-term emergency situation. Lack of proper waste disposal can lead to the spread of sickness and disease. Having an emergency chemical toilet can help with this whether you are sheltering in place or if you need grab it and evacuate. Here is a little tutorial we got from a church hand-out several years ago. Emergency Chemical Toilet Contents 5 gallon plastic bucket (with tight fitting lid) 2 large boxes of garbage can liners (8-10 gallon size) 1 gallon of liquid chlorine bleach Pinesol 6-8 rolls of toilet paper Feminine hygiene products 2 boxes of baking soda Paper towels Wet wipes 1 bar of hand soap Emergency Chemical Toilet Instructions To use the toilet, simply remove the contents from the bucket,…
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