All About Freeze-Dried Cheese

Baking Ingredients
One of the most critical aspects of building a food storage is to store foods that can be used in meals that your family will eat. We always like to say "If I could just eat PIZZA in an emergency, everything will be ok". The bread part of the pizza is easy with food storage ingredients, and when we discovered that freeze-dried cheese actually works we knew it would become a staple in our storage. What is Freeze Dried Cheese? Freeze dried cheese goes through the same flash freezing process that freeze dried fruits and vegetables go through. First the cheese is frozen, then it is placed under vacuum. This enables the frozen liquid in the product to vaporize without passing through the liquid phase, a process known as sublimation.…
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How to Make Omelets Freeze-Dried Style

Two years ago Julie and I won a trip to Cancun and we both brought our husbands and made a fun trip out of it. My husband and I fell in love with this breakfast place there that had the most amazing custom-made omelets. When we got home we had a little bit of an obsession with trying to recreate these omelets. (Our backyard chickens were still laying like champions so we had no shortage of eggs to try it out on every morning.) The problem was that we kept running out of the fresh veggies needed for the omelets. One day I was really wanting one of the famous omelets but had no peppers or tomatoes in the house. So I ventured to the basement and pulled a few…
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Food Storage Enchilada Pie! FOR REAL!

Cooking From Scratch, Recipes
This is a recipe I have been making for a couple years. I first introduced you to it in a blog post with some fun challenges to help you use your food storage items more often. The post came with challenges such as cooking your dry beans instead of using canned, making bean flour cream of chicken instead of using canned, and making whole wheat tortillas from scratch. The challenges and post can be found here. Well, then I found a homemade enchilada sauce and posted about that here. Well last week I brought it to the NEXT FOOD STORAGE LEVEL! I tried it using freeze dried chicken and freeze dried cheese. I always justified the chicken and cheese in there by saying I keep a 3 month supply in…
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