SUN OVENS: Winter Cooking, February Special and GIVEAWAY WINNER

As we mentioned in our giveaway post last week the weather has been beyond awful in Utah for the past few weeks. We posted the giveaway to celebrate the sunny day, and then it got smoggy again right after. Boo! However, this weekend it was GORGEOUS and we took advantage. Saturday I pulled out my Sun Oven and made this Chocolate Swirled Banana Bread recipe from Our Best Bites (you might have heard us mention them before, lol) Julie thought I should make quinoa instead .... Well my oven did not even get up to 200 degrees, my bread did not cook at all, and I had to bring it inside to finish it in the oven. I was so sad since we have been told by numerous people that…
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The 7 Day Challenge: PRIZES, PRIZES, PRIZES!

7 Day Challenge, Giveaways
Today we are revealing the 10 th piece of our Seven Day Challenge puzzle: AWARDS AND PRIZES! We're so excited and grateful to all the generous sponsors who have donated prizes to help make the challenge even more fun and rewarding. We hope you will show your support and gratitude to them, by checking out their sites and products. And now the part you've been waiting for. Here is a list of all the prizes. Prizes will be given out throughout the week of the challenge -- and at the end. There are going to be multiple ways to win prizes, which we'll explain more as the challenge starts. MAKE SURE YOU READ THROUGH THEM ALL BECAUSE A FEW OF THEM HAVE DISCOUNT CODES FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS! Prize: Food Storage…
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