Recipe: Mexican Casserole – Food Storage Style

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This recipe is a family favorite of my husbands- they call it Cowboy Delight. He asked me to make it one day, but I had no Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. A few weeks ago, I had bought some powdered cheese blend in a #10 can to give a try one day and had forgotten about it. Well - I figured this would definitely be a good recipe to try the cheese in since it was mixed with so many other things. It turned out fabulously. Cowboy Delight - Mexican Casserole Ingredients: 1 family size package Kraft macaroni and cheese (I used 3 C macaroni, 1/2 C powdered cheese, 6 tsp butter, 6 tsp of powdered milk) ½ lb. lean hamburger browned (use freeze-dried ground beef) ½ onion, chopped (can use…
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