Spice Up Your Comfort Foods

Beyond the Babysteps, Comfort Foods
Step 9: Comfort Foods is one of our favorite steps. When we participated in our 7 Day Challenge we came to realize just how important these foods really are in making your life feel somewhat normal in an emergency, and also in adding variety to your long term storage foods. We recommend getting a few spare bottles of spices/herbs that you commonly use. This will ensure you have enough for your long term cooking needs, and also give you the convenience and cost-savings in the short term. Don't go overboard on buying too many bottles though, as spices can lose their flavor over time. Here are a list of common spices/herbs to get you started: Herbs* Basil Bay Leaves Chives Cilantro Dill Mint Oregano Parsley Rosemary Sage Tarragon Thyme Spices*…
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