TheSurvivalistBlog.NET Review

If you have followed our blog since the beginning, you may remember that we used to get so overwhelmed with the idea of food storage and preparedness that we chose to just do NOTHING. When we would talk to people about emergency preparedness our eyes would glaze over and we would put it out of our minds for the time being. We started our blog as a way to get us actually DOING SOMETHING to be more prepared and start building up a food storage.

As we have gotten more comfortable with having our food supplies built up, we’ve finally had to admit that there are more things we should be learning about and preparing for. It’s easy to assume that you won’t ever have to deal with a natural disaster and just feel happy thinking your food will get you through a job loss situation or running out of eggs on Sunday afternoon. Enter M.D. Creekmore’s Survival Blog. This is a great resource for learning more about preparing for the “scary” situations that are easy to forget about when you are a beginner.

M.D. Creekmore has built a very in depth blog and fostered a fantastic reader community which is very active and helpful. The website is not all doom and gloom, but it does make you aware of the need to prepare for unpleasant things. (i.e. We all could learn more about guns and protecting our families in bad situations). If you ask a question in the comments, you will get an answer from either M.D. or one of the readers. This makes for a great learning environment when you are ready to tackle these concepts.

One really exciting thing M.D. has started on his blog is a way to help bring people together who are working on “prepping” all over the world. Simply head over to and look for people in your area. If you don’t see anyone listed yet you can email in a request to be added to the page. What a great idea! We quite often get asked if there is a way we could help connect people with others in their area, and now we have a good resource we can send them to.

One quick thing we wanted to mention, this blog DOES have advertising on the sidebars, but don’t let that distract you from all of the great FREE content provided. We know some of the sponsor companies and they have great preparedness products, so they are a natural fit for them to be included on the site.

Definitely check out TheSurvivalistBlog.NET for more info on advanced preparedness topics, but if you feel a little overwhelmed by it all, don’t worry, we are still here with our BabySteps to help you 🙂