Thrive Life Monthly Q Program

Thrive Life (formerly Shelf Reliance) has come up with several programs to make it easy to get the food storage you want and at a budget you can afford, shipped straight to your house every month. There are a few different ways you can use their Monthly Q program to incorporate the products into your food storage as well as into your every day cooking. Members of the Q get the lowest prices on all their purchases along with benefits and perks. Here is a summary of how the Q works:

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FEBRUARY SPECIAL OFFER: If you sign up for a Q this month with a budget of $100 or more we will give you a FREE copy of our Food Storage Made Easy 3-Part eBook program ($24 value). First shipment must be processed by February 28th.

Since the Q is completely customizable to what you want in your food storage you can manage it however you want. Here are three of the most popular ways people use the Q and have had great success with it.

Food Storage Q

The food storage Q is what we originally started with when we began purchasing Thrive Life foods. You can use their food storage planner, or you can select all of your own foods to fill your Q based on what you are missing in your storage. The Q will automatically select from the list of items each month and send you a variety of items up to your monthly budgeted amount. Once you have purchased everything from your list, your Q will end.

Pros: Contains a food storage planner to help you choose foods based on your family size and you can pick foods you want based on the planner findings.

Cons: Can’t order emergency items or shelves in your Q

*To sign up for one of the Food Storage Q (or Emergency Food Supply) scroll down on the Q main page and click on this image that looks like this


Home Store Q

The home store “Q” will send you products each month based on your favorite recipes and items that you use frequently. You also have the ability to fully customize your Q each month to take advantage of monthly specials, foods you are missing, and even add emergency or shelving products into your shipment.

Pros: Easy-to-use interface to manage your Q each month, add emergency and shelving products, continues until you cancel so you never stop replenishing what you’re using

Cons: Doesn’t give you a food storage planner based on your family needs, however if you know what you want we recommend this as the user interface is better.

*To sign up for the Home Store Q click “Get Started” on the Q main page

SMART START 150 or 200

The Smart Start packages are a series of 3 shipments for either $150 per month or $200 per month. The first shipment comes with a recipe booklet that gives you a wide variety of recipes you can try using all of the foods that will be coming in your shipments. This is a fantastic option for those unfamiliar with Thrive who want to make sure to have helpful recipes and all the ingredients to cook them up right away. Click here to see why Smart Start might be a good fit for you.

Pros: Ingredients to make complete meals, easy to get started, try lots of foods right away, great for beginners to Thrive foods.

Cons: Smart Start 150 contains a lot of basics you may already have in your storage, may get some foods you aren’t interested in

*To sign up for one of the smart start packages click “Get Started” on the Thrive Q page and later in the process you can select Smart Start or Smart Start 200 as an option for your first three months.

ALSO – Don’t forget as Q customers you get the lowest pricing always, access to new products first, access to a monthly q-pon (deeply discounted product), reward points, and peace of mind. Here is the February Q-Pon: