How to Make Ezekiel Bread

Several years ago Julie posted about an Ezekiel Bread Recipe that one of our readers shared on Facebook and asked someone to try for her since she didn’t have a wheat grinder. I recently started a new eating plan and one of the recommended foods for my carbohydrates is Ezekiel Bread. I knew I needed to finally try this recipe for myself as it makes way more sense to rotate through my grains and legumes as opposed to buying this expensive bread from the store.


I made a few tweaks to the original recipe that I was very happy with! Some of Julie’s complaints were that the dough was really liquidy/sticky and that the bread was pretty crumbly when cooked. I researched some other Ezekiel Bread recipes and there are a few places that said to add a 1000 mg Vitamin C tablet in as you are grinding the ingredients. This adds a little ascorbic acid into the mix which helps enhance the effects of the yeast. You could also try 1 T. vinegar in place of some of the water. I also thought it might help to add some vital wheat gluten since that seems to help with the texture and elasticity of our regular favorite bread recipe. It’s helpful in recipes with whole grains and added nuts or seeds so I guessed it couldn’t hurt in a recipe that adds ground legumes.

We get a lot of our uncommon grains and legumes from Thrive Life so that we can keep them packaged properly for long term storage but you can also usually find them at health food stores or any store with a bulk section like Winco. If you want to buy from Thrive Life make sure you join our customer list to save off of retail prices!

Here is my revised recipe and I even included a little video underneath showing my adventure (sorry for chewing in the last clip, it looked too yummy and I had to try it!).

Ezekiel Bread Recipe

• 2 1/2 cups hard white wheat
• 1 1/2 cups spelt
• 1/2 cup barley
• 1/2 cup millet
• 1/4 cup dry green lentils
• 2 tablespoons dry great Northern beans (or other white bean)
• 2 tablespoons dry kidney beans
• 2 tablespoons dried pinto beans
• 1000 mg tablet of Vitamin C (or 2 500 mg)
• 4 cups warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C)
• 1 cup honey
• 1/2 cup olive oil
• 2 (.25 ounce) packages active dry yeast
• 2 teaspoons salt
• 1/4 cup vital wheat gluten

1. Mix water, honey, olive oil, and yeast together in a stand mixer. (I used my WonderMix and it was perfect for this recipe).
2. Let liquids sit for 5 minutes while you prepare the dry ingredients. Combine all grains and legumes plus your vitamin c tablet(s) together into a large container and pour into a wheat grinder.
3. Add the salt and vital wheat gluten to the dry mixture.
4. Add the dry mixture into your mixer with dough hook attached and mix for 10 minutes.
5. Pour dough into 3 loaf pans (it will be slightly goopy, not like a firm pliable traditional bread dough) filling about half full
6. Let rise until double (about an hour)
7. Bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes or until golden brown.
8. Let cool on a wire rack until completely cool (the bread will continue cooking slightly during the cooling time).


Julie had this fun idea to create birthday baggies for her sister with the complete dried items included in a bag so that she could just pour into her WonderMill and be ready to go just by adding the wet ingredients. I decided to do the same thing for myself so that I can easily make this recipe again in a week or two without pulling out 8 different containers of grains and legumes. What a great idea!

Food Storage Carrot Cake

My best friend LOVES carrot cake, so of course I had to make her a homemade carrot cake to celebrate her birthday! I went to my go-to source for delicious recipes and Our Best Bites did not fail me. Their Carrot Cake Supreme Recipe looked simply A-MAZING so I knew that was what I should make. By a remarkable twist of fate I even had every single ingredient on hand to make the recipe … besides the CARROTS.


Now normally when we make a recipe and do food storage substitutions we only swap out one ingredient at a time so if it fails we can isolate what the problem was. This recipe had so many potential things I could have swapped for but I decided to JUST stick with the carrots because I couldn’t afford a fail on a special occasion. I used Thrive’s dehydrated carrots for this recipe. Next time I want to try butter powder, powdered cream cheese, and powdered milk for the buttermilk. I think it would work and I am definitely curious as to whether or not it was be just as sinfully delicious.

Dehydrated Carrots

To substitute the carrots in this recipe I simply rehydrated more of the dehydrated carrot dices than I thought was necessary and then measured out 2 cups which is what the recipe called for. Let me tell you, it worked perfectly! I loved the consistency of the carrots in the cake, possibly even better than using fresh carrots. The flavor was perfect and the chunks were not too chewy at all. I boiled the carrots for fifteen minutes in order to ensure that they would be soft enough. This particular friend of mine is suspicious of my food storage adventures so I didn’t tell her until AFTER she ate half the cake before I even had a chance to put the candles on it. She was surprised that it could be so delicious being made with food storage :)


Word of Warning

I used almost the last of my can of carrots and it was getting a little bit old so I poured the last bit of carrots down my sink into the disposal side. However, I didn’t run the disposal right away so the dried carrots got washed partially down my sink and then rehydrated. They got stuck and clogged a huge portion of my sink drain pipe causing a big backup in my plumbing. Do NOT do that at home! It made this food storage adventure a little less fun, haha.


5 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Emergency Preparedness

I have been slow to embrace essential oils because I always felt like they were a little bit voodoo-ish. Don’t laugh, they just don’t seem to be the “cure-all” that lots of people like to tout them to be. However, I recently have been going through some massage therapy for various injuries and my therapist uses Young Living Oils and recommend a few for me to try at home and they have made a world of difference in my recovery. She also has taught me many other uses for them and I realized they are brilliant for preparedness purposes as well as just handy to keep around for everyday use.

I’m definitely not an expert but I’m excited to learn about the possibilities with using oils to better round out my food storage and eprep supplies. If you’re looking to get started with this too, check out the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. That’s what I got and it’s given me 11 of the best oils to try and I’ve been having fun learning and experimenting. You get them at hugely discounted prices, get a free diffuser, AND get to save 24% off retail prices if you order other essential oils in the future. I’d love to have some friends/readers join in this adventure with me! Here are some of the preparedness applications I have thought of so far:


1. Cleaning Supplies
There are about a billion recipes online for making your own cleaning supplies using essential oils. It is an amazing way to make “natural” cleaners that still have that lemon-fresh scent we love to have in our homes. You can make laundry detergent, dish detergent, all-purpose cleaners, etc. Instead of having to store spares of all of these items just store some basic core ingredients and a few key essential oils. Some of the best oils to use for cleaning recipes are:

lavender essential oil
lemon essential oil
pine essential oil
cinnamon essential oil
Thieves® essential oil blend
Purification™ essential oil blend

2. Personal Hygiene Products
Many people like to make their own homemade soaps, lotions, toothpastes, etc. to have more control over the ingredients, to save money, and just to have an overall better product. Imagine if you could make your own products in an emergency situation, you could use them to barter, or just enjoy your own supplies without having to store so many different products. Here are some oils useful for making these types of products:

lavender essential oil
lemon essential oil
sandalwood essential oil
tea tree essential oil

3. Food Flavorings
Did you know that you can flavor FOODS with essential oils? I never thought about it before but it totally makes sense. It’s an interesting change from storing regular spices, lemon juice, etc. Just have your oils on hand and use a few drops to add flavor and the health benefits of the oils into any of your regular meals. These are some oils that would be good in foods:

peppermint essential oil
basil essential oil
lemon essential oil
nutmeg essential oil
lime essential oil
oregano essential oil
rosemary essential oil

4. Mental Well-Being
One of the things we have learned by practicing emergency preparedness situations in our annual 7 Day Challenge is that it can be really mentally taxing on the entire family. There are a lot of oils that help you to be calm, relaxed, sleep better, etc. Wouldn’t that be helpful in an emergency? Here are some helpful emotional/spiritual health oils:

Sacred frankincense
Valor™ essential oil blend
peppermint essential oil
lavendar essential oil
SleepEssence blend
stress away essential oil blend

5. First Aid
Herbs have long been considered a great alternative to traditional modern medicine. You can make all kinds of teas, poultices, salves, etc. using herbs with natural healing properties. Essential oils can serve the same first aid purposes but have a longer shelf life, take up less storage space, and can be more potent. There are lots of concerns about making “healing” claims with essential oils so I would recommend researching which herbs would be helpful to store in your first aid kits and replacing them with equivalent essential oils. There will definitely be some good ones for healing stomach pains, soothing pain, sore muscles, skin burns/irritations, etc.

Don’t forget if you want to learn along with us you can get started by shopping using our special link. You can order individual products at retail price or become a “member” to by at wholesale pricing. My massage therapist is very knowledgeable and she will help us all with any questions we have. I’m so excited to learn more!

Making Potato Salad in a Sun Oven


Last week we hosted a Sun Oven Cooking Essentials Webinar (you can still access the free class through Wednesday, May 4th at midnight). Paul Munsen, president of Sun Ovens International always shares so many great tips on actually USING your Sun Oven to save time and money in the kitchen and I learn something new every time I listen to him speak.

This class was no different. I got it in my head that I really wanted to try the hard-boiled egg trick and Sunday dinner was a perfect opportunity. I somehow ended up hosting my entire family for a dinner and there were 24 people coming to my house for a barbecue. I was scrambling to make a bunch of side dishes and decided this would be a great time-saver to throw my eggs and potatoes in the Sun Oven to cook while I worked on other food items (I was also making this amazing pasta salad using tons of my food storage foods, it was a good preparedness day over here).

I wrapped up my potatoes in aluminum foil after washing them off. I didn’t poke holes in them or peel them or anything. I laid them out on the Sun Oven tray with space in between each one. Then I stuck six eggs in there on top of the potatoes and closed the lid.

After about 90 minutes I went to check on things. I hadn’t repositioned the Sun Oven so the temperature dropped a bit. The potatoes were close to done but still a little firm in the middle. The eggs were more like a soft-boil consistency but the whites were still a bit goopy too. I got the Sun Oven a bit hotter and left them in to keep cooking. In the meantime my family arrived and I sort of forgot about making the potato salad in all the chaos. After about two more hours I checked on them again. Oopsies.

Surprise surprise, it still worked! The potatoes were PERFECT. They did not get too soft or mushy by being overcooked. The eggs took on a strange orangish-yellowish tinge (I believe because I overcooked them) but I tasted them and they were just fine and the consistency was great.

After everyone left I chopped everything up (left the peels on the potatoes and everything). It took me literally five minutes to throw together a complete potato salad. I now have a full bowl just to myself since I missed having it ready for the family, but it was delicious and I’m not complaining!

This is definitely something I want to try again. I loved not having to heat up my oven for 45 minutes to bake potatoes or peel and chop and boil on my stove which always seems to make a huge mess. Don’t forget you can still grab your special Sun Oven Webinar Package until Wednesday if you don’t already have your own. We really do love them not only for emergencies but for every day use!

How to Make a Pizza Box Solar Oven

We are going to be holding a FREE Sun Oven Cooking Essentials webinar next Wednesday (April 27th) and we want to invite you to join in! We’ve been thinking about solar cooking a lot as the weather is starting to warm up and we are lucky enough to have Paul Munsen from Sun Oven International speak to all of our readers about the benefits of cooking with the sun and how to use Sun Oven’s in particular. We hope that you will join us for this great class (there will be a special offer on Sun Oven’s at the end for those who listen in too). Click here to register now and get reminders as it gets closer to the event as well as a replay link if you miss it!

For those who don’t have the budget for a heavy duty solar oven right now, you can still join in the fun! We put together a little solar “oven” using a simple pizza box and other basic materials you should already have hanging around the house. So take a few minutes, grab a few helpers, and make yourself a little solar oven and start practicing up! Obviously this little project won’t cook as hot or as quickly as a real Sun Oven and the capacity is much smaller, but it can definitely be used in an emergency. So we hope you will listen in to the webinar, and either make one of these fun Pizza Box Ovens or grab your own Sun Oven in our awesome webinar package.


Materials Needed:
- One empty pizza box (the bigger the better)
- Aluminum foil
- Plastic wrap
- Black construction paper
- Scotch tape
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Knife or razor blade

Step 1:
Measure and draw a straight line about 1 1/2 inches from the outside of the box.


Step 2:
Use a knife or razor blade and cut three edges along the drawn line (leave the top edge uncut to act as a hinge)


Step 3:
Cover the inside of the top flap with aluminum foil. Also cover the inside edges of the pizza box with the foil. Tape it all down securely.


Step 4:
Cover the open area of the lid with plastic wrap to help retain heat and keep bugs, dirt, and moisture out. Do two layers of plastic and tape it down very well.


Step 5:
Tape black paper in the middle of the box bottom to absorb the heat from the sun which will be reflecting in.

IMG_9764 (1)

Step 6:
Prop the lid open with a pencil or ruler and aim the box into direct sunlight to start cooking!

IMG_9766 (1)

Optional: You can roll up newspaper rolls and stuff them in the sides to add insulation. You can also use a thermometer inside to test your temperatures.

Hopefully you can have a little fun making your own solar cooker. It’s a fun activity to do with the little ones. It didn’t get super hot and I had to hold the box down with a crowbar because it’s so windy in my area. But it definitely got hot enough to melt cheese so there are a few things we could use it for in an emergency!

Don’t forget to register for the Sun Oven webinar to learn more about solar cooking and the higher quality Sun Ovens if that’s something you are interested in! Here is a little more information about the webinar:

Sun Oven Cooking Essentials Seminar

Want to know more about how to cook with the power of the sun? The Sun Ovens Cooking Essentials Seminar will show you the fundamental sun cooking and baking techniques to help you warm up to the idea of cooking with the sun to save money now and be better prepared for emergencies. Whether you have a Sun Oven and want to learn more or you know nothing about solar cooking you will find this seminar beneficial.

Date: Wednesday April 27
Time: 6 pm Mountain Time 7 p.m. Central Time
Click Here to Register:



This has been a crazy week with our March Madness giveaways receiving thousands of entries!  We appreciate everyone joining in the fun on Instagram and also sharing in other ways.  We are excited to announce the WINNERS of each giveaway.  You guys are going to LOVE your prizes!

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The All-American Sun Oven is what we use for powerless cooking anytime it’s sunny enough to cast a shadow. It saves on fuel and functions just like a regular oven.  When they recently did some improvements on the oven, we did a post about them. You can learn more here.

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Thrive Life foods are some our very favorite to eat and store. The quality is fantastic. In this Go-To-Pack (an exclusive for the Thrive Life March Madness sale) you’ll see a variety of products that you may find yourself running out of.   We have a blog dedicated exclusively to Thrive foods that you can follow to learn a lot more. It’s called Your Thrive Life.

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InstaFire Bundle:
lnstaFire is a great product to use as a fire starter or even as a stand-alone fuel. It can be stored inside in convenient buckets, it burns in any kind of weather, and will even burn wet wood. It is handy to use in any kind of portable stove or even just on the ground. When we were introduced to this product the owners came over and showed it to us in action and cooked us dinner. Check out more details and the video here. 

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HERC Tea-Light Candle Oven:
While butane stoves are great for stove-top cooking indoors, we had yet to find a good solution for oven cooking indoors.  The HERC tea-light candle oven is a great solution for cooking without power in an oven inside. You can see more information and specs on our intro post here.

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Fortress Clothing Jacket Liner:
Fortress clothing is a complete heat storage solution. The clothing will keep you comfortable in -30 degree weather up to 70 degree weather. We met with the owners and tested it out on a bitter cold day. We even got some video footage at a freezing lake. Here is the introduction post and video we did.

Giveaway winner: @kathoyer
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Prepare My Life Planner:
The Prepare My Life Planner is an organized emergency preparedness plan. Not only does is it designed to store and organize all your important documents it ALSO contains a step-by-step plan to help prepare your home and family for an emergency. All of the pages, pockets, pouches, and folders are included. Full instructions on building your own binder can be found here or a full intro to the Prepare My Life Planner can be found here.

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Inflatable Solar Lantern Bundle:
These inflatable solar lanterns contain ten LED lights. There is a solar panel on the bottom and a three mode button with a LOW, HIGH, and BLINKING mode. Light weight, inexpensive, and doesn’t require batteries. This makes a wonderful preparedness item for 72 hour kits or to keep on hand at home. See more details in our store.

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WonderMix Stand Mixer:
You may be familiar with Kitchen Aid or Bosch. The Wondermix is not totally comparable to either one of them, it has some distinct pros and cons. There is a summary of what we found to be pro’s and con’s you might want to check out if you’re in the market for a mixer. Read full post here.

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WaterBrick Bundle:
WaterBricks are some of our favorite water storage containers because they are small enough to carry and easily stackable. These are great in a lot of scenarios. Check out our WaterBrick review click here.

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Thrive Life Cansolidator Shelf:
Some of the most popular food rotation shelving from Thrive is on sale.  The shelving makes rotating a breeze and keeps your food storage organized. We dedicated an entire post on determining which shelving unit may be best for you. You can check it out here.

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Chef’s Banquet ARK 390 Food Bucket:
This incredible food kit has nearly 33 pounds of compact just-add-water meals. That’s a lot of food! The ARK 390 has enough food to supply one person with 2,000 calories a day for 30 days.  Sometimes it’s just nice to know you have a good stash of meals that will last a long time and store well and compactly. We have a variety of these just-add-water meals in our food storage.

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The Food Storage Made Easy 3 PART FOOD STORAGE PROGRAM contains a Babysteps Checklists Guide, Food Storage Made Easy Encyclopedia, and Recipe Appendix. This full program is a roadmap for buying your food storage and learning how to use it, so that you can have confidence in knowing that you are prepared for a major emergency or any of life’s little every day inconveniences.

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March Madness Giveaway and Sales


It’s MARCH and what would March be without a little March Madness fun to go around? We are so excited to share our March Madness promotion with you. It’s the biggest event we’ve hosted on our blog so far and YOU guys get to benefit from it! We have gathered almost $2000 worth of our favorite food storage and preparedness products to give away to some of our lucky readers. Not only that but we have arranged for some awesome deals on each of the items being given away so that EVERYONE can be a winner! Keep reading below to see all the prizes, find out how to enter to win, and see what the sales are.

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How to Enter Giveaways

  • Download the Instagram app on your smart phone or tablet
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If you are unable to use Instagram please email us at for alternative methods of entering the giveaway.

All sale prices will be valid from Thursday March 17th through Monday night March 21st at midnight MST.

List of Giveaways/Sales


All-American Sun Oven

Giveaway: One All-American Sun Oven (no accessories)
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TitanReady USA

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Fortress Clothing

Giveaway: 1 Jacket Liner (for temperatures -30° TO 70° F)
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Prepare My Life Planner

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The Ready Project

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Food Storage Helps for Groups (and families)

Often times in communities or churches there are people tasked with the responsibility to help those around them become more prepared. In communities it’s called CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). In some churches its called the Emergency Preparedness specialists.

I was recently asked by a friend of mine who is the E-prep specialist at our church for some help planning the year. After working with her on a calendar for the year this idea was born. It’s a Monthly Preparedness Projects calendar. It’s not exactly what I did with my friend but it’s something that I thought you all might like. We shared this handout with our newsletter list last month. Are you on the newsletter list? If not you can sign up here. Today we are publishing it on our blog along with a couple other tools you may find useful. If you know someone who is an Emergency Prep specialist feel free to share this blog post with them. They may thank you for making their lives easier!

Monthly Preparedness Calendar

In this monthly preapreadness calendar we give you ideas with a link to full instructions and details of projects you can do with your family or community to become more prepared that month. Each project is designed to take just a few hours.

Lesson Plans

lesson plans

We created these lesson plans for you to use when you have events, group meetings, enrichments, or even just family activities. The lesson plans and/or handouts can also be helpful for you to share with friends and family members.

Emergency Preparedness Plan


This is a document you can hand out and use for any activity or group. We compiled information from a lot of different resources and created a Family Emergency Preparedness Plan for you to download. This document will guide you through developing your own Emergency Preparedness Plan.

Hopefully these tools help you in your journey. Also our Encyclopedia has TONS of resources. We also do group buys on our ebook. Scroll to the bottom of this page to learn

Cold Weather Clothing Bins

Babysteps. We started this journey with Babysteps. There were several topics we didn’t tackle straight away. We worked on 72 hour kits, water, basic food and necessities first. We tabled the concept of powerless cooking for a couple years because it was “scary” at first. Well then we tackled powerless cooking, we tackled sourdough, and now we’re tackling cold weather clothing. Make sure you read until the end because there’s a video where I show you how I’ve started this project.

Back in November we introduced Fortress Clothing to you . Finding them was a dream. These clothes are amazing and we recommend you check them out, and make sure you use our coupon code found in this post to get a deal. Right now their clothing doesn’t come in kids sizing and we know that it’s not necessarily in everyone’s budget to get them so we wanted to share some ideas we have developed. It’s still a work in progress but we’re feeling like we’re getting somewhere with it.


A facebook reader shared a couple articles with us that had some great info. The articles talked about layers, types of layers base, mid, outer), and different types of fabrics to use within each layer. Different fabrics breathe differently so make sure you check out these articles:

Intro to Layered Clothing:
How to Layer Clothing for Each Season:


After reading these articles I went to Ikea and got some bins to store each of my family members items in. I watched sales and got the items for each kid and made sure to get them a little big for next year too. My kids actually got a lot of these items for Christmas. They loved it. I keep most of these items in the bins except for days we go sledding. That way I know we aren’t losing stuff around the house (because that happens here). My bin contains my bug-out bag from Fortress. It seriously made that part of this project way easier.

Contents in my bins (for my kids and husband):

  • Boots: I made sure to get some that were rated for cold weather but also waterproof
  • Socks: I got some wool socks at Costco for my husband and myself. I had a hard time finding kids sizes so I got some black womens ones for my boys.
  • Underclothes: I found some great thermals that weren’t cotton at Costco. I got a couple of each size.
  • Pants: Target had a sale on snowpants 50% off and I got some that were a few inches too long for each kid. They fit well enough this year but will for sure fit the next couple of years. I also have sweat pants to wear over the thermals and under the snow pants in case it’s way cold.
  • Coats: I have a variety of coats for my boys. I plan on keeping their winter coats in their bins once winter is over but for now we are keeping them in the main laundry room closet.
  • Mittens: I have gloves, mittens, and more gloves and mittens. Depending on what things we will be doing “outside” I think we will need both.
  • Balaclavas: I got some balaclavas from Amazon to use for now but I would like to look into other options and investigate the fabric on these a little more.

To see a video I made and posted on facebook when I first started my bins click on the image below:

Emergency Kit for Kids at School

Valentine’s Day is one of those funny holidays that everyone celebrates in vastly different ways. We both feel like the most important thing is showing your loved ones that you LOVE them in whatever way works for you. Jodi likes to make heart pancakes and pink milk for breakfast, decorating the table in red and pink with little goodies. Julie pins hearts up on the wall and her boys get to take one down each hour and read the backs which are full of reasons that she loves them.

We’ve posted in the past about a Valentine’s gift idea for your spouse that works in an office. It’s a thoughtful gift that can be put together fairly inexpensively but really shows that you care about them. Well this year we decided it would be fun to do a similar thing for our KIDS.


Depending on your school rules and the ages of your kids you may want to adjust this list to fit your needs. Also, you will need to have some conversations about where this will be kept and when it is appropriate to break into the supplies. All items should fit into a gallon zip-lock bag which can be stuck in a locker or kept in the bottom of a backpack. Printable contents list and gift tag can be downloaded here.


School Emergency Kit Contents List

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.13.47 PMLaminate your contents list and include it in the bag so that you can remember what needs to be included in case the kit gets “raided”. Cut out the tag and tape it to the front. You can wrap it or set it out with cute Valentine’s decor to give it to your kids on Valentine’s Day. Even big “kids” will appreciate the gesture and feel a little more comfortable knowing they have some supplies in case of an emergency (big or small). We don’t want to scare them … we want to empower them.

Side note: If you are working on your Monthly Preparedness Projects we emailed about last month, this will work for your February project so you can kill two birds with one stone this week!