APRIL: “Get it Done” Challenge

It’s a new month and we are excited to announce the “Get it Done” Challenge for April. Have you been procrastinating getting your 72 hour kits put together? Do you have kits but haven’t opened them for several years? Would you like to expand on your kits and make them better? Well this month’s challenge is for you!

APRIL: Get it Done Challenge -- Swap those kits

Having spare clothes for your kids in a 72 hour kit won’t do you any good if they are 4 sizes to small. Having food that is expired and/or inedible won’t keep you alive for very long either. While either of those options is better than not having a kit at all, it’s probably best to update yours! Your April challenge is to do at least one of the following THIS WEEK:


1. Create a 72 hour kit for each member of your family
2. Swap out seasonal or outgrown clothes and replace food items in your 72 hour kits
3. Find a few ways to supplement what you already have in your 72 hour kits

Download our complete Emergency Preparedness Plan for a basic guideline on what you should include in your kits.

Also, our April newsletter contained TONS of tips on how to build, rotate, or expand on your kits. Check out the newsletter at THIS LINK and make sure to subscribe to our BabySteps Checklists if you want to receive all of our newsletters.


The giveaway is now closed. Congrats to Edith Kincade who won the Pocket Socket!

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 10.36.18 PMOur giveaway item this month is an awesome product we just heard about that is perfect for 72 hour kits. It’s called a Pocket Socket and is a hand-powered generator that charges electronics with a crank. You can charge phones and rechargeable batteries with this, anything that uses less than 10 watts of electricity. The pocket socket is one of Thrive Life’s monthly specials in April!

To be entered to win, SHARE THIS POST on Facebook with your friends, and then leave a comment there letting us know you shared and the date you commit to have the challenge completed by.

Here are some bonus ways to earn entries or in case you don’t use Facebook:

- Post a picture on our Facebook fan page
- Post a picture on twitter and tag our twitter username @foodstoragetips
- Email us a picture at info@foodstoragemadeeasy.net

Winner will be randomly selected and notified Tuesday, April 8, at 10:00 pm MST.

HUGE Prepper Group Giveaway

We have joined up with a great group of other prepareness bloggers in a network that makes it easy to follow all of your favorite bloggers in one place. Here are some ways you can follow:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PreparedBloggers
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/pbloggers/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/PreparedBlogger

We have loved getting to know all these great guys and gals better and today we are excited to announced that we are doing a BIG group giveaway with several of them. The more bloggers that participate, the bigger the prizes. Win-win for everyone :) Here are the details of what we are giving away and how to enter. ENJOY and GOOD LUCK!

We've joined together with several other preparedness bloggers to offer this HUGE group giveaway.  Enter today for a chance to WIN! -- FoodStorageMadeEasy.NET

Spring Prepared Bloggers Giveaway

We teamed up with some of our favorite companies and because of their generosity, we’re able to offer you these mega giveaway prizes:

The All American SunOven from Sun Oven (APV $399)

The All American Sun Oven is your off-grid solution to cooking. Let the sun bake, broil, dehydrate or cook for you. Your sun oven will be delivered with a preparedness and dehydrating accessory package which includes:

  • New SUN OVEN® eCookbook & Emergency Preparedness CD featuring 600 recipes, hundreds of pictures, video clips and much more which has been developed by Cook’n, the award winning and #1 best-selling recipe organizer.
  • Multi-Level Dehydrating & Baking Rack Set (set of 3 racks w/1 roll parchment paper)
  • Two Easy Stack Pots w/interchangeable enamel and a glass lids
  • Multi-Fuel Water Pasteurizing Indicator (WAPI)
  • Two Loaf Pans

The Excalibur 9-Tray Dehydrator (Model #3926TCDB) from Excalibur (APV $319)

The Excalibur Dehydrator is highly sought after for it’s large size (9-15”x15” trays), adjustable temperature and 26-hour timer that allows you to set it and forget it. Dry fruits and vegetables, meats for jerky or make your own granola as well as use it for arts and crafts. The possibilities are endless. Included with the Excalibur Dehydrator are 9 ultra paraflexx sheets and a copy of the Preserve It Naturally book.

The Goal Zero Yeti 150Solar Generator Kit from Goal Zero (APV $399)

As described on Goal Zero’s website, the Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator Kit is “a plug-and-play generator for emergencies, camping, or wherever you need power.” Consider it your portable mini-powerhouse—a gas-free source of portable power to keep lights, phones and laptops powered on through any situation.

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 2.10.41 PMFive $50 Gift Certificates from Discount Mylar Bags (APV$50)

Mylar bags, Lifestraws, oxygen absorbers, Tattler and Gamma Lids. These are just some of the food storage supplies you’ll be able to buy with a $50 gift certificate to Discount Mylar Bags. (APV $50)

Also, the owners of Discount Mylar Bags are proud to introduce ShieldPro Flexible Packaging. A wholesale website for preparedness and food storage store owners. They offer the best wholesale prices on Mylar bags, sealers and oxygen absorbers.

Ten JarBoxes from JarBox (5 Pint Size and 5 Quart Size)

Keep your wide mouth or regular pint size canning jars safe, clean and organized with these specially designed plastic totes. Pint size tote measures 18.25”x13.13”x2.75 and is great for transporting or storing your canned goods. Specially designed plastic totes keep your wide mouth or regular quart size canning jars clean, safe and organized. Quart size tote measures 20”x14.50”x2.75” and is great for transporting or storing your canned goods.

Winner Details

There will be 4 winners…
1st winner drawn receives the All American Sun Oven plus a pint and a quart size JarBox
2nd winner drawn receives the Excalibur Dehydrator plus a pint and quart size JarBox
3rd winner drawn receives the Goal Zero Solar Generator Kit plus a pint and quart size JarBox
4th winner drawn receives all five $50 gift certificates to Discount Mylar Bags, plus two pint size JarBoxes and two quart size JarBoxes

A HUGE THANK YOU to our sponsors: Sun Oven, Excalibur, Goal Zero, Discount Mylar Bags, and JarBox. Thanks for making this Mega Giveaway possible!

How to Enter

  • Fill out the Rafflecopter form below by signing in with your Facebook account or email address. (We’ll need this info to contact you if you’re the winner.)
  • Start by clicking Easy Entry for Everyone (no social media account is required for this option). After that, each +1 you click is another entry to win.
  • The giveaway begins Monday, March 31, 2014 and ends on Monday, April 7, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST.
  • The winner will be notified by email on Tuesday, April 8th and must respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be drawn.
  • You must be 18 years old or older and a legal resident of the US to enter. No purchase necessary and void where prohibited by law.

Good luck!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

LIVE NOW: Thrive Life March Madness Sale


During the March Madness Sale you can save from 5% to 50% off ALL THRIVE foods from March 18-25 when you shop on our consultant website! Pantry cans, #10 cans, 6-pack cases, and pantry can 10-packs will all be on sale … click the image above to visit our one-click shopping page and see the sale pricing.


The best pricing is available if you purchase in cases (six #10 cans per case). We recommend buying cases if at all possible, even if it means going in on an order with a few friends or family members since cases will give you the deepest discounts. Every single item is on sale but we put together a summary of the best discounts sorted by percent-off savings to make it easier for you to see the biggest deals.

-50% off-
Cornmeal (save $27.40 per case)

-45% off-
Instant Red Beans (save $40.00 per case)

-35% off-
Ground Beef (save $97.20 per case)
Egg White Powder (save $61.60 per case)
Instant Pinto beans (save $29.70 per case)
Beef TVP (save $28.60 per case)
Sloppy Joe TVP (save $41.70 per case)
Taco TVP (save $35.50 per case)
Ham TVP (save $29.70 per case)
Chicken TVP (save $25.80 per case)
Broccoli (save $53.70 per case)

-25% off-
Turkey Dices (save $83.90 per case)
Sweet Corn (save $28.60 per case)
Zucchini (save $27.50 per case)
Pineapple (save $53.10 per case)
Raspberries (save $47.40 per case)
Carrot Dices (save $29.70 per case)


If you want to make this sale even sweeter, sign up to become a consultant during the sale. We will show you how to earn 10% in commission + 10% in free food off of your OWN purchase during the sale, plus earn the same on orders from any family/friends that you refer to the sale. Sign up today, the sooner the better! Learn more / Join now!


WaterBrick Review + Giveaway Winner!

MARCHGETITDONELast week we put out a March “Get it Done” Challenge encouraging all of our readers to go and FILL their empty water containers or rotate water that needed to be rotated. We had you all submit pictures of your accomplishment and oh how fun it was to see everyone getting something DONE. Everyone that submitted a picture was entered to win a set of 4 Waterbricks + a Waterbrick Spigot. Woo-Hoo! The winner of the giveaway chosen randomly from the comments is:

Jane MomwithaPrep

Congratulations Jane! We will send you an email to coordinate getting your prize to you.

We also wanted to give a personal review/overview on Waterbricks today to help you decide if they might be something you would like to add to your personal water storage plans.


Our favorite features
- 3.5 gallon size is under 30 pounds so easy to carry and use
- Spigot attachment for filling glasses, cooking pots, etc.
- Easy-to-carry handle
- Stackable up to four feet high
- Safe to use indoors or outdoors
- Small size is perfect for stashing in small spaces
- BPA free container, lid, and gasket
- Safe in temperatures from -100 F up to 230 F


We only sell products that we love and use ourselves and Waterbrick definitely fits that criteria. Shop for Waterbrick bundles at our online store by clicking the banner below.


MARCH: Get it Done Challenge

We are so excited to introduce you to a new monthly feature we are starting this month! We have had a lot of people ask us to do mini challenges to keep them on their toes and give them something simple and actionable to do throughout the year. So once a month we will be doing a “Get it Done Challenge” and if you participate, get something “done”, and share a photo of your achievement, you will be entered to win the monthly prize.

Oftentimes giveaways are intended to encourage sharing in return for the chance to win a great prize, but we wanted to add in a twist that actually helps you with your preparedness journey, and let’s us all do something fun together!

Are you excited yet???

March Get it Done Challenge:  Fill Those Containers

MARCH CHALLENGE: Fill Those Containers

Many people have water containers around their house but leave them unfilled … or have gone for way to long without rotating the water. So your challenge today is to do at least one of the following THIS WEEK:

1. Go buy water containers and fill them
2. Fill any water containers you have hanging around the house
3. If it has been over one year since you rotated your water, swap it out for fresh


When you have completed the challenge, let us know you did it by posting a picture of your FILLED containers and you can be entered to win a Set of 4 WATERBRICKS + 1 SPIGOT. Here are the ways you can let us know:

- Post a picture to your Facebook wall and tag our page @Food Storage Made Easy
- Post a picture on our Facebook fan page
- Post a picture on twitter and tag our twitter username @foodstoragetips
- Email us a picture at info@foodstoragemadeeasy.net :)

PLEASE NOTE: Once you have done one of those 4 things, leave a comment ON THIS POST letting us know it’s done. Winner will be randomly selected and notified Monday, March 17 at 10:00 pm MST.

40 Ways to Use Your FoodSaver

We always have fun discussions on our Facebook page and love to get to know all of our readers better over there. We recently asked how people use their FoodSaver or other vacuum sealers and got a TON of great responses. We compiled them all here for a quick, easy-to-read list. If you have a FoodSaver, break it out and start using it for some of these things! If you don’t have one yet, you can check them out at the FoodSaver website.


40 Ways to Use Your FoodSaver

Using Foodsaver Bags

1. Seal cheese to last longer in the fridge
2. Vacuum seal treats to send overseas to military/missionary family members
3. Preserve leftovers for freezer meals
4. Buy bulk meats and split into single recipe portions in freezer bags
5. Store toiletries and sanitary supplies compacted
6. Vacuum seal ammunition
7. Vacuum seal photos to preserve them and keep dry in a disaster
8. Vacuum seal important documents for preservation
9. Seal jump drives in 72 hour kits
10. Seal chocolate for long term food storage
11. Create homemade ice packs
12. Reseal chip bags
13. Waterproofing matches
14. Freeze fruits and vegetables in bags
15. Seal any leftovers in the deli containers to last longer in the fridge
16. Seal partially used vegetables to avoid them going rotten before using
17. Seal grains and store in the freezer to extend shelf life
18. Recork bottles of wine
19. Seal bags of snacks/treats for road trips
20. Seal shredded zucchini to use in stews/breads/etc.
21. Trail mix packets for camping
22. Homemade emergency MRE’s
23. Seal cereal to extend shelf life
24. Seal spare clothes for 72 hour kits in large bags to conserve space
25. Seal spare bedding in large bags
26. Seal off-season clothes in large bags
27. Seal turkey leftovers for different meals after Thanksgiving
28. Freeze homemade soups, then vacuum seal them
29. Freeze bread loaves

Using the Foodsaver Jar Attachment

30. Seal bulk spices in jars
31. Seal salads in quart jars to make them last longer
32. Reseal foods from opened #10 cans into mason jars
33. Dehydrate fruits and seal them in jars
34. Seal nuts in jars
35. Seal seeds in jars
36. Seal chocolate chips in jars
37. Seal pet food in mason jars to keep it fresher
38. Store rice and beans sealed in jars
39. Seal crackers in jars
40. Meals in a jar!

Jodi’s 2014 Food Storage Resolutions

Last week, Julie shared her 2014 Food Storage Goals with you, and now it’s MY turn. I have always loved setting goals, but definitely struggle with the follow-through. So this year I’m going to be using these cute worksheets to help me come up with steps to start working on them asap and to really detail WHY I am doing these goals. I hope this will help me to keep referring back to them and working on them throughout the year.

  • Try one new recipe per week. Sometimes I get in a cooking rut. I actually LOVE to cook and love to try new recipes. But I HATE how stressful it feels with four little “helpers”, busy busy afternoons, and picky eaters. It sort of zaps the fun out of it so I resort to a lot of “easy dinners”, or just making the things I know the kids will eat without complaining. This year I want to focus on trying new recipes, especially ones that use food storage foods. I figure planning it once per week on a day I know isn’t too busy and making sure I have the right ingredients for it in advance will make it easier to follow-through on this. I’m also going to not let picky eaters dictate what we eat. I WILL make them try something new once a week, that won’t kill them right?
  • Get my gardens and fruit trees installed. We moved into a new home last year and spent the summer working on getting a functioning sprinkler system and a lawn and we didn’t get any of our gardens in :( This spring I am planning to be READY. I have my garden plan laid out and the garden area is ready for an irrigation system to be installed. We will be planting 9 fruit trees, three large garden boxes for smaller veggies, a flat garden bed area for corn and sprawling veggies, and three smaller garden boxes for some fruit bushes. I know it will be expensive and time consuming to get it all installed so we are saving up for it now and will be making a schedule of when to get it all done so we don’t miss out on another garden season!
  • Implement my three month supply rotation plan. I have a lot more space upstairs in my new house so I end up keeping a lot of food upstairs and don’t use my downstairs supplies as much. This becomes a problem when I think I have things in the basement but I don’t. So my new plan is to do my meal plan at the beginning of the month (including my one new recipe per week as per my goal above). Then I will “grocery shop” from the basement for all pantry items that I will be needing that month. Then I’ll go to the grocery store and buy all the fresh ingredients I need as well as whatever pantry items were on the list. When I come home I will take those items immediately to the basement. So I will always have a three month supply of those pantry items downstairs, but I will constantly be rotating and restocking them without worrying about depleting them. I am crossing my fingers that I can keep up with this plan. I think it will ease my stress a lot!

What are YOUR food storage goals for 2014?

Best of Food Storage Made Easy 2013

We are so excited to start a new year of building our food storage, learning new skills, and helping our families become more prepared. Next week we will be sharing our 2013 New Year’s Resolutions with you and encouraging you to work on your own. But this week we wanted to give you a recap of some of our most popular posts from last year in case you missed any of them along the way.


Our entire website organize and categorized to make it easy to access everything in one place.

Complete revision of our Emergency Preparedness Plan with more detail and better format.


Brand new 3-Part eBook program to help you build your food storage and learn to use it.

Other Helpful Posts

Homemade Whole Wheat “Rhodes” Rolls
Julie shares her secret bread making tips that enable her to create delicious freezer rolls that are even yummier than Rhodes rolls and made of 100% whole wheat!
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Another freezer meal idea, this soup is great fresh or several weeks later out of the freezer.
Fuel the Fire February
This is a 5-part series covering common and less-common fuels that are used for emergency preparedness and cooking without power.
Fast and Easy Chicken Quinoa Soup
A delicious recipe using a grain that people don’t commonly store but we think is a great option to add variety to your food storage grains.
New Thrive Sauces (and Seasonings)
Thrive Life launched a new line of sauces and seasonings at its annual convention in 2013. We love the additional meal options these open up in our storage!
Sour Dough 101: Part 1
Learn the basics of sour dough and how to make a starter
Sour Dough 101: Part 2
A delicious recipe for Artisan sour dough. Great yeast-free bread option.
Getting Started Raising Chickens
Jodi shares about her adventures raising backyard chickens and gives details on everything you need to know to get started.
Tax Refund Week
Tips for helping you to make the most of your money when purchasing food storage, especially when you have a large bulk sum to spend such as when you get a tax refund.
How to Overcome Food Storage Challenges
Whatever struggles you may have with food storage, we have some tips for helping you to overcome them.
Rice Flour Crepes
Using home ground rice flour, you can make lots of different foods that are gluten-free. Great for a change of pace or if you have allergies.
New and Improved Sun Oven
The All-American Sun Oven is a complete redesign of the popular Global Sun Oven. This post is a summary of all the new features.
Greek Lentil Soup Recipe
Another healthy recipe that uses one of the legumes that you will find on most long term food storage calculators.
Homemade Household Cleaning Supplies
Learn how you can use common storage items to replace a lot of your household cleaners. It can save on the amount of non-food items you need to store.
5 Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me 5 Years Ago
Some tips for beginners that can help you get started with the right thinking. Don’t wait five years to figure this out!
Pizza Casserole: Food Storage Style
A great twist on a “facebook” recipe turned into a fully shelf-stable meal.
17 Ways to Use Your Wheat Grinder
17 different delicious recipes using different legumes and grains that you can grind in any wheat grinder.
Water Storage FAQ
We discuss commonly asked questions about water storage on a podcast episode with links to lots of additional information.
10 Ways to Practice Powerless Cooking This Summer
Summer time is a great excuse to practice cooking outdoors and work on those powerless cooking skills. Here are ten tips to help you get practicing.
Summer Salad with a Quick and Easy Corn Salsa
A great go-to salad that can be made using food storage foods and taken to any pot luck or barbecue event.
How to Create a Recipe Binder
Jodi gives a step by step tutorial showing how to make a great little recipe binder to organize all of your recipes. This is a favorite gift she gives to her sisters as they get married.
What can you do with YOUR food storage?
See the different foods you can make just by adding a few more items into your food storage plan. It’s definitely a good idea to go “beyond the basics”.
Emergency Preparedness Plan: Whats New?
Download our new 9 page emergency preparedness plan to help make a plan and disaster kit for your family.
What can you do with YOUR food storage?
See the different foods you can make just by adding a few more items into your food storage plan. It’s definitely a good idea to go “beyond the basics”.
Freezer Meals and Food Storage
Jodi shares about a freezer meal project she did for her grandma and how she used lots of food storage items in her meal ideas.
7 Day Challenge Recap
Summary and links to all 7 days of the 2013 7 day challenge, an annual event where we all practice our preparedness in a fun and challenging mock emergency.
Food Storage Substitutions
Print out these handy substitutions for when you run out of an ingredient or want to store less ingredients and still make your same foods.

12 Days of Food Storage Christmas
Fun gift ideas for Christmas time or ANY time, to help you give the gift of preparedness to loved ones.
  Let’s Talk About Rice
Rice is a common grain in long term food storage. There are many varieties you can buy, and not all of them are ideal for storage. This post gives lots of detailed info on this staple food.
  Freeze-Dried Foods versus Dehydrated Foods
Many people don’t realize there is a significant difference between freeze-dried foods and dehydrated foods. This post covers all the basics to help you understand and make decisions on which ones to store for your family.
  All About Freeze-Dried Cheese
If you can have pizza in an emergency, everything will be ok. Freeze-dried cheese can make that a possibility.
  All About Yeast and Vital Wheat Gluten
These two ingredients are key to making our favorite whole wheat bread recipe but they can be intimidating if you are new to bread-making.

12 Days of Food Storage Christmas

We love giving the gift of preparedness to our family and friends. We have come up with this fun little 12 Days of Christmas activity that we revamp each year that includes tons of great ideas, even if you don’t do it as a full 12 days event. For each day we include a free (or under $1) idea, as well as a mid-level and a higher-priced item that goes along with that theme. We also have cute tags and labels you can use if you want to highlight the preparedness aspect of the gift.

If you want to hear us chat about each day and some of our favorite gift ideas, you can check out this week’s podcast episode where we explain these ideas in detail for each day and share some fun stories of when we have used them for OUR loved ones.


12 Days of Food Storage Christmas

Feel free to use these ideas how you want. Whether you do all 12 days, or just choose one gift, the point is to share your love of food storage, and the peace that comes with being self-reliant and prepared. Each “day” will have a theme, and have 3 gift ideas for you:

  • An option that’s FREE or under $1
  • An option that costs $5-15
  • A more expensive option…

We also have a pdf for you to print out that has tags for each day, name tags, and images you can print and attach to the gifts. Click here to download the tags.

12 Days of Gift Ideas

Day 1: Emergency Preparedness
Day 2: Shelves
Day 3: Water
Day 4: 3 Month Supply
Day 5:Long Term Education
Day 6: Grains
Day 7: Legumes
Day 8: Baking Goods
Day 9: Fruits and Vegetables
Day 10: Comfort Foods
Day 11: Non-Food Items
Day 12: Checklists

Merry Christmas, and thanks for making this year so fun for us!

Food Storage Black Friday 2013



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