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We’re Jodi and Julie, two busy moms who love blogging, and love Food Storage. Welcome, come on in and find out how we got started!

When we started our food storage journey, we realized the vast amount of information out there was so CONFUSING. We started this blog to share what we learned and accomplished along the way. As we made progress, we broke down the whole process into 10 BabySteps. By breaking down the process into BabySteps, we have realized Food Storage doesn’t have to be so hard. In fact, we think it’s EASY and FUN!


# of kids: 4 (boy girl boy girl)
favorite color: PINK
hobbies: hockey, reading, cross-stitching, cooking
talents: flute, piano, html
work: web design and internet marketing
favorite food storage food: fresh ground popcorn
biggest food storage struggle: organization



# of kids: 4 boys
favorite color: lime green
hobbies: workout, hockey, making food healthy
talents: graphic design, excel, eating
work: blogging, hockey business
favorite food storage food: all sorts of grains
biggest food storage struggle: dehydrating and canning


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