The Seven Day Challenge is our way of celebrating National Emergency Preparedness Month in September. Over the years we have done things a little differently each time. However the main concept has always been the same. The challenge is made up of practicing and analyzing your preparedness skills and storage for 7 days. Concepts covered in the PREPAREDNESS CYCLE are covered and we always have a great time!


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During the 7 Day Challenge we go through the entire preparedness cycle over 7 days to see how we are doing with our preps. Each year is a little different but we always learn a lot. Whether you are a beginner or advanced this cycle is something you’re constantly going through.


DAY 1 &2:
The 7 days will begin with the “Prepare” portion. We will spend a couple days getting prepared and completing last minute tasks. This will be a great time to tie up loose ends on things you’ve been procrastinating.

DAY 3-5:
Then we will “Practice”. We will go 3 days with mock emergencies. Expect these days to have situations where you will go without power and water. There will be a different scenario each day and the scenarios will come with come tasks and recommendations..

DAY 6:
After the practice portion we take a day to “Prioritize” based on our findings from our practice. We will encourage you and your family to make a game plan of where to go next.

DAY 7:
The last day will be the day to “Proceed”. You’ll purchase items you realized you needed. You’ll sign up for classes or start researching things you need to know more about.

We know everyone is at different levels of preparedness and there will be scaling. We’d like to remind you to try your best and don’t stress.

Previous Challenges

Seven Day Challenges from previous years can help you prepare for the next challenge. We encourage you to check them out, and start preparing now! ARE YOU READY?

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