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Our FREE checklists come every two weeks to your email inbox. You will receive an email with a checklist of to do’s to guide you through building your food storage program. The checklists cover 72 hour kits, water storage, 3 month supply of normal foods, and your entire one year supply of long-term foods as well as some critical non-food items.
After following our checklists for one year you will have a complete food storage for 1 adult for 1 year.

Checklist Features:

  • Emailed every 2 weeks
  • Educational articles
  • Tells you what to buy
  • Tells you how much to buy
  • Contains recipes to try
  • Gives you tasks to learn new skills
  • Monthly newsletters with timely articles, tutorials, recipes, and product reviews

If you want our free checklists all at once, we incorporated them into our Food Storage Made Easy eBook and our published book. These books contain the checklists, our best website content, and a recipe appendix. You can choose whichever format best suites your needs.

Bonus Monthly Newsletter
On top of the free checklists you will also receive our monthly food storage newsletter typically sent out within the first week of the month. This is different than the checklists and includes bonus recipes, food storage news, sales and events, featured products, and more!


Before you get worried about building a large Food Storage, you need to have a basic emergency preparedness plan in place. Download our Emergency Preparedness Plan and you will be guided on how to create a short term Emergency Preparedness Plan for your family!


Once you have your basic emergency plan in place, you can start thinking about building and using your Food Storage. If you are signed up for our free checklists, the checklists will guide you through the BabySteps little by little. At any time, you can visit the BabySteps pages to learn more.


This is a journey that you will most likely be on for the rest of your life. You’ll continue to learn, grow, and accumulate knowledge and food. We have found participating in this journey with friends makes it so much easier, and more fun! Follow us on our blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to see what we’re up to.



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