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The Extreme Food Storage Makeover is a gift we gave to Jodi’s mom, “Grandma Lori”. We promised to make over her whole Food Storage, one step at a time. As we help her add to her Food Storage and show her new recipes and tips, we document the process here for you.

Extreme Makeover -Food Storage Edition:
This is where we introduce you to Grandma Lori and tell you what our game plan for the year will be.

Food Storage Makeover Disaster Kits:

This is where we discuss the different options for disaster kits that Grandma Lori can choose from.

Food Storage Makeover Disaster Kits Part Two:
This is where we actually get the kits Grandma Lori has chosen and show you in a video what they look like.

Grandma Lori’s 3 Month Food Supply Game Plan:

We interview Grandma Lori and ask her questions to figure out what style of planning and buying she will like to use for her 3 month food supply.

We Have A Plan:

We reveal how Grandma Lori made her 3 month plan using spreadsheets and her OWN recipes to come up with a master list of ingredients she should have stored.

Grandma Lori 3 month supply SHOP!
Julie and Grandma Lori did the entire 3 month supply shop in one day. It was surprisingly a lot easier than we would have thought and it wasn’t too expensive either!

Grandma Lori Food Storage Room REVEALED
Julie gives Grandma Lori a BIG surprise! Watch the video to see just how excited she gets over her new food storage room.

Grandma Lori’s 3 Month Summary and Label Tutorial
Answers to follow-up questions people had about the 3 month shop including a tutorial on how to make the adorable labels Julie made for Grandma Lori.

Grandma Lori’s Exciting New Purchase
Check out Grandma Lori’s purchase that will change her food storage life forever. It’s just SO exciting!

Setting up Grandma Lori’s Wondermill Wheat Grinder
See where Lori sets up her new Wondermill, and how she plans on using her grains in her Long Term Food Storage.

Waffles, Wondermills, Webs
Grandma Lori’s daughter shows us how she uses the family Wondermill to make delicious whole grain waffles. She’s only a teenager, but she’s quite the food network star.

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe
Jodi shows Grandma Lori how to make an easier, healthier, faster version of one of her favorite recipes. Featuring dehydrated veggies, a pressure cooker, and whole wheat noodles!

Stay tuned as we keep at it… This is not an overnight project!



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