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As a part of Grandma Lori’s Extreme Food Storage Makeover, we posted the results of her 3 month supply shop storage room mothers day gift. When we did, we got asked a lot of follow-up questions … so here we go with the answers:

We went into great detail in how we made the plan in this post here. Since we had the 3 month planning spreadsheet tell us exactly what we needed for her recipes, the shopping list part was simple.


This was the surprising thing to all of us! As a disclaimer- we only bought foods for 90 dinners not including meats (on that day). Grandma Lori’s kids are mostly moved out now so they eat a lot of leftovers for lunches, and she didn’t feel the need to have breakfasts planned out. She’s going to work on getting cereal here and there and work on that part of the plan over time. So anyways, here’s the receipt for proof – the grand total was only $150!

This is unbelievable too! It took us under 2 hours in and out of the store. You’d be surprised how fast shopping can be when you have a list, you leave your toddlers with your spouse, and you don’t get distracted by the bakery or treat aisle.

Well here’s a little tutorial for you on how we did this. You can make them in Microsoft Word and make them any size. You just need to buy the labels at any office store and then follow these basic directions.

So, like we said before – next up is long term food storage- the scary but FUN part!

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