Grandma Lori’s Exciting New Purchase!

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We’re SO excited to get started on the next phase of the Extreme Makeover Food Storage Edition with Grandma Lori. The first few steps of getting an Emergency Plan, and Three Month Supply weren’t too hard, but we were worried this part would be a “harder sell” since Grandma Lori’s original plan was to just store freeze-dried meals and call it good.

However, as Grandma Lori has seen us use our “Long Term” Food Storage more and more lately, her interest has perked. She didn’t have a wheat grinder yet so the concept of using all that long term food storage was a bit daunting and not too exciting. Well the good news is:

Grandma Lori got one at this great sale priceand we’re so excited to hit the road running with her. As Dealers we always sell the WonderMills at the lowest price we’re allowed, and this summer we can sell the electric mills for $239.95 (they are regularly $269.95). So if you’ve been thinking of gettin one, click here, and get one this summer so you can follow along with us as we show Grandma Lori all the many different awesome ways she too can use her Wondermill.

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