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Here is a great compilation of 17 recipes and ways to use your Wheat Grinder. Our favorite Wheat Grinders are the WonderMill and NutriMill electric mills. We sell them for the lowest prices available online at our online store. Enjoy these recipes and happy cooking!

WonderMill is currently having a February special and you can pick up an electric mill for just $179.95. That is the LOWEST price we have ever been able to sell one of these machines so grab yours now if you’ve been waiting to get one.


Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup
Julie LOVES to make a healthy and cheap version of cream of chicken soup using just dry beans and chicken bouillon, it’s amazing!  See how she includes it in this delicious enchilada pie recipe.

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Basic White Sauce
Jodi’s kids love macaroni and cheese of any variety.  She’s moved from Kraft Dinner, to butter/flour/milk white sauce, and now makes a great HEALTHIER bean flour white sauce .

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Bean Flour Gravy (or stew)
Julie makes a mean (and low-fat) beef gravy using bean flour, and also uses a similar method as the base of her beef stew.  If you want all the flavor without all the fat, check it out.

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Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies
This gluten-free, vegan treat is wonderful because although it is healthy, it is also delicious!  Julie’s favorite part is that she always has these ingredients on hand too, so it’s easy to whip up a batch.

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Rice Flour Crepes
Crepes are a family favorite recipe in Jodi’s home.  She decided to be adventurous and try them with rice flour instead of wheat.  They turned out great and can be great for people with gluten intolerance.

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Ezekiel Bread
Ezekiel bread was a challenge Julie took on after a reader sent her a recipe for it.  She researched it and found it to be a very interesting nutritional bread.  She tried it out and it tasted good too!

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Multi-Grain Pancakes
Jodi and Julie’s cousin sent them this multi-grain pancake recipe after she made it and her kids raved about how good it was.  Wheat grinders make it so easy to  cook with multi-grain flours.

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Buttermilk Cornbread
If you have ever had cornbread made from a box, believe me, you will never have it again once you’ve tasted this buttermilk cornbread made from fresh ground popcorn.  It’s divine.

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IHOP Corn Cakes
IHOP has some wonderful varieties of pancakes, but some of them don’t stay forever.  When the corn cakes stopped being sold, Jodi knew she had to find a way to make them at home!

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Cream Cheese and Jam Cookies
It’s no secret that Jodi likes treats and Julie is the healthy one.  But these cookies are “healthy” because they use a whole grain flour instead of white flour but taste just like regular cookies!

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Whole Grain Banana Muffins
Julie tried this recipe her friend sent her and was thrilled with the results. These yummy things don’t have any oil, or white sugar, or white flour in them.  She loves healthy food storage cooking!

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Our Favorite Bread Recipe
After trying many many MANY bread recipes, we finally found the perfect one for us.  It uses simple ingredients and turns out wonderful every time.  This will be the last bread recipe you’ll ever try.

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Homemade Pizza
We always like to claim that in an emergency if we could just make PIZZA, we could get through anything.  Well who knew that we would end up just loving to make it all the time since it’s so delicious!

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Lasagna Noodles
Julie wanted to try this spinach lasagna recipe from Grandma Lori but she added a twist by using whole wheat flour as well.  No fancy pasta maker needed to create  fresh homemade noodles.

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Homemade Tortillas
Julie makes some awesome homemade tortillas.  You can roll them out by hand (not so pretty) or use a tortilla press (beautiful round tortillas).  Her recipe is simple and oh so delicious.

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Delicious Cakes
One Thanksgiving we did a cake experiment to see if our family could tell the difference between a regular cake and a “food storage” cake.   View the results of the experiment and the recipe.

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Homemade Whole Wheat “Rhodes” Rolls
Julie shares her secrets to making delicious homemade rolls that you can freeze and just pop out later for a quick and healthy dinner roll.  These are better than Rhodes rolls and 100% whole wheat!

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      • Charisse Tryon Merrill

        Good to know! I’ve been trying to sneek beans more into our diet, this is a great idea.

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