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Over the last few years we have become very comfortable using our food storage wheat. In fact we “rotate” through it in our everyday cooking so much that we are constantly having to replenish our storage to keep our “year supply” full. The only problem we’ve had is that wheat flour is just not that awesome in certain treats. It’s easy to substitute it for all-purpose flour in breads, pancakes, pizza dough, etc., or even in cookies and cakes that have strong flavors like chocolate or pumpkin in them … But make a sugar cookie with wheat flour and you might just cry a little. Even all the butter and sugar can’t “save” it 😉 Well we recently stumbled across a recipe for a HEALTHY “white flour substitute” developed by Chef Brad that can be used in ANY recipe calling for white flour with fantastic results (although he says he still uses wheat flour for any yeast bread recipes). He calls it WonderFlour and it really is wonderful.

How to Make Chef Brad’s “WonderFlour”

1. Measure out 2 cups each of brown rice, pearled barley, and spelt.
2. Pour grains into your favorite wheat grinder (we LOVE our WonderMills!)
3. Use in place of white flour in any recipe, adding about 1/2 cup extra flour per 3 cups of flour called for in the recipe.
4. Enjoy the added fiber and nutrition you are feeding your family, even in delicious treats 😉

Sugar Cookies Made With WonderFlour

So for Valentine’s Day my husband got me the Our Best Bites cookbook that I have been wanting for-EVER. Tonight we wanted to make a little Sunday night treat so I told my son he could pick any treat recipe in the book and I’d make it. He chose these Cream Cheese and Jam Cookies which I of course didn’t object to. I followed their sugar cookie recipe exactly except substituted the WonderFlour mixture for the 3 cups of flour. They were DELICIOUS and worked just great! My picture isn’t as cute as theirs, but I bet my cookies were just as yummy 🙂

  • Lanna

    Are the ratios (1:1:1) still correct with already pre-ground barley/spelt/rice?  I don’t want to mess around with my wheat grinder (that’s set perfectly for my wheat) and dump money into buying more of those grains until I know for sure we like the wonderflour mixture. 🙂

    • I think it would be pretty close to a 1:1:1 ratio. Try it out- let us know 🙂

  • Guest

    Would it turn out the same to use hard white white instead of spelt?  Have you tried that?

  • Megan Merchant

    My sister sent me this post, great substitute suggestion!  I don’t have a wheat grinder but will have to find a way; I look forward to trying this. Thanks!

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