Welcome to the Food Storage Made Easy Lesson Plans page.

We are also often asked if we teach classes. While we would LOVE to say yes to each request, we just can’t. With young families, working husbands, and busy schedules we are limited in the events we can attend. We created these lesson plans for you to use when you have events, group meetings, enrichments, or even just family activities. The lesson plans and/or handouts can also be helpful for you to share with friends and family members.

We encourage you to use these, share these, give them to people you know who are in charge of putting together group meetings, community trainings, or enrichment classes.

To help class members understand why they should have food storage, and how to make a basic emergency plan.

To help class members learn how to Plan, Buy, and Rotate Their 3 Month Supply.

To help class members understand How to Build a Food Storage in 10 Babysteps.

To help class members To help class members feel confident Using Wheat from Their Food Storage.

Each download comes with a flyer you can print and fill out your own specific information to post up at your church, school, or work location. Also included are invitations you can cut out and hand our or pass along.
Each lesson comes with a lesson plan that outlines exactly how to run your lesson. You can use these as basic guidelines, or follow them exactly.
We developed these cheat sheets for you to study, so that you can feel confident and have all the information you need to teach an informative and complete class.
Use these to tape up as you go through the different parts of the lessons. Visual aids help you keep on task and provide something for class members to stay focused on and/or to organize their notes into sections.
You wouldn’t want class members to leave empty-handed now would you? Each lesson plan comes with handouts you can print for your class members so they have all of the most important information to keep and use at home.