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We are often asked if we teach classes. While we would LOVE to say yes to each request, we just can’t. With young families, working husbands, and busy schedules we are limited in the events we can attend. We created these lesson plans for you to use when you have events, group meetings, enrichments, or even just family activities. The lesson plans and/or handouts can also be helpful for you to share with friends and family members. We encourage you to use these, share these, give them to people you know who are in charge of putting together group meetings, community trainings, or enrichment classes.


Each download comes with a flyer you can print and fill out your own specific information to post up at your church, school, or work location. Also included are invitations you can cut out and hand our or pass along.

Each lesson comes with a lesson plan that outlines exactly how to run your lesson. You can use these as basic guidelines, or follow them exactly.

We developed these cheat sheets for you to study, so that you can feel confident and have all the information you need to teach an informative and complete class.

Use these to tape up as you go through the different parts of the lessons. Visual aids help you keep on task and provide something for class members to stay focused on and/or to organize their notes into sections.

You wouldn’t want class members to leave empty-handed now would you? Each lesson plan comes with handouts you can print for your class members so they have all of the most important information to keep and use at home.



To help class members understand why they should have food storage, and how to make a basic emergency plan.


To help class members learn how to Plan, Buy, and Rotate Their 3 Month Supply.


To help class members understand How to Build a Food Storage in 10 Babysteps.


To help class members To help class members feel confident Using Wheat from Their Food Storage.
  • Thank you so much for all this marvelous info on food storage. You have taken the worry and overwhelming feeling every time I thought about doing it. Those baby steps are perfect for a novice. I just received the calling of emergency preparedness person in my ward and I came across your website. An answer to prayer so that I might truly be of help to our sisters. God bless both of you.

    • Thanks so much for the comment. We’re glad it’s helping you 🙂

  • Vee

    Jodi and Julie – you two are the best thing that’s ever happened to food storeage. I really can not believe you are sharing all this. I had a late start preparing to teach a lesson on food storeage and thankfully I had signed up for your site and received all this wonderful info from you this morning. It saved me.. I hope everyone is as excited as I am about your program.

  • PJ

    I would like to use these steps but cannot download them . It wants me to “Pin” each one which , I do not mind but it still will not let me download. Help!

    • When I hover over it the pin it button comes up, but if I click just to the side of the pin it button, the actual file comes up. Can you try that and let us know if it works. We’d like to fix it if it doesn’t work. We have been having trouble with our pinning feature lately

    • I made a fix that takes the pin button off unless we SPECIFY to put it on. So I think that should fix it now!

  • Have been receiving your emails and updates for about two years. Started prepping (no, I’m NOT a camo-wearing,EOTWAWKI, live in a tent-in-the-woods type of prepper; but I DO RESPECT THEM very much) for hard times and much like Karen, my wife died and was resuscitated last year, I had a heart attack and bypass this year and we’ve gotten behind. BUT WE WILL CATCH UP! Thank you for placing all this material in one place for those who wish to take care of their family and themselves and need a little help in know where to begin.

  • Melissa Decker

    The lesson plans are great 🙂 Thank you!

    • Glad you like them 🙂 Thanks for the thank you 🙂

  • Miranda

    I’m LDS and you have a very good site.Keep it up!

  • Nonieskin

    just printed out all the Lessons and can’t wait to get it all together. Thank you so much.

  • Karen

    I began receiving Baby Steps a while ago. I was doing well with my food storage and then (I am ashamed to say) that way too much life happened( broken bones, my husband’s pnuemonia, etc.) and I have lost my way. Is it possible to sign up and begin again with the Baby Steps?

  • Carlyn3676

    I agree with all these good people. Thank You for All of your hard work and We all need to prepare for hard times ahead.:)

  • Owenf

    Just found this.  It’s great!  Thank you so much for your hard work and most of all you willness to share with others.  Faye Lynn Owen

  • leann

    Im sort of new, signed up awhile back and just got a little extra cash to start my storage. I was wondering if anyone else has the problem of getting started.  I know with the economy in the shape its in and where it could possibly be going that it vital I do this. for the simple fact you just never know what tomorrow may bring. One day Im gunho then when I start I get overwhelmed letting my mind go haywire. Has anyone else felt this way or is it just me?

    Thank you gals so much,


    • Leann, we both had problems actually getting started, which is why we
      developed the babysteps. Originally they were just for us to keep us
      motivated and help us feel a sense of achievement at accomplishing a
      small step. Hopefully you can be encouraged by going through the
      babysteps too. Don’t think about everything you HAVEN”T done yet,
      just focus on the things you HAVE done!

  • Jcanep

    This is so great!  I was just asked to teach a lesson on food storage and had been getting your emails!  And found this and now I am excited to pass this on and it gives them a place to go after the lesson to learn more! Thanks so much!

  • Susan

     WOW! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  This is great!

  • Geniel Crandall

    I was just called as the emergency preparedness person in my ward and I already have subscribed to the baby steps so this will help me in my preparation for my new calling. You girls are wonderful and your ideas have really inspired me. Thanks so much for all your hard work.

  • Thank you for such helpful teaching tools. Blessings on each of you.

  • Duckwalkin

    Awesome ladies–thank you SO much!

  • Teena Taylor

    You are all too awesome, What more can I say?!
    Sincerely, Teena Taylor

  • Wendy

    I appreciate your helpful lessons! My Ward has been asking for ways to begin, and this will make the lessons easier and faster to present!

  • ang

    Amazing! Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing it with us for free!

  • Connie

    What a Blessing , thank you for the work that you put into this. I hope to be able to use it in my community or church soon.

  • Angie Allen

    So perfect for helping get people started and stay motivated. Thanks for all you do. I recommend your site every chance I get!

  • Darlene Petersen

    Thank you for this wonderful resource!! I am the RS meeting coordinator for our ward and this is the class I wanted to prepare for this fall. You have just made my calling easier!

  • Mardi

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this with everyone. We need all of this information. You are wonderful, caring women!

  • Charlene R. in Michigan

    This is great stuff! About how much time should we allow for each lesson? I didn’t see that anywhere in the plans. Thank you SO much for sharing these with us! You guys are doing a lot of good in the world by helping people get prepared – and keeping things so user-friendly and “do-able”! Thank you for everything!

  • Jake-mel

    This is so great! I am giving a lesson about using wheat at our next RS meeting! This will help so much!

  • Badams

    Thank you for your lesson plans. They are wonderful! I hope to introduce them to our community which has healthyyuma2011, a program to teach nutrition and healthy life styles. I’m a senior and don’t know all about computers. How do I convert your pdf files to Word?

  • Mawinlaw

    I love this!

  • Mawinlaw

    I love this!

  • Faye

    You are incredible … this is wonderful! Fabulous information. Thank you! I have been working this year with our FHE group on food storage and emergency preparedness and your information has been invaluable…

  • Marcianorwood

    Thank you. They are wonderful!

  • Nd

    Thank you so much for these! They are great!

  • This is wonderful! Thanks so much for going the extra mile to help us inform others of the importance of and what to do with food storage!

  • S. Clayton

    These lessons are wonderful! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to use them with other people!

  • Conny

    Thank you SO much. I hope you’ll be blessed for all you do for us.

  • Scrappyro

    Thank you so much

  • Brenda Nicholson

    you two are great, this is some of the best arranged info I’ve seen. It sure makes it easy for me and I for one appreciate it so much. May you be blessed for your efforts.

  • Cindi

    You gals are SO amazing! Thank-you for sharing your love & knowledge of preparedness. What a blessing it is to know of this site. =)

  • Jo Ann

    These are a blessing to me, and as I use and share them, may our Lord bless you both abundantly.

  • Rachel

    This is amazing! Thank you so much! I have an admin of a large FB group and also helping my ward with this type of stuff.. Thank you for making my job so much easier! I have been using your program for a little over a year and half now and already loved it! But this really is an amazing gift! Thank you Thank You!!!

  • Themorrowclan

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! This helps so much!

  • Ducky

    Awesome! This will really help my friends AND me!

  • LGCS

    This is great. Sending them to my daughter in Japan. She is a Relief Society President & I think she will love them.

  • Jnolan 1374

    Thank You. I belong to a group that is always looking for ideas for study. THIS WILL BE GREAT!

  • Sharlynn

    This looks great. I have printed Lesson Plan 1…it says Coming Tue, Wed, etc.
    Do I just check in here each day or does a email come. I think this is going to be great for Women’s Fellowship at church.

  • this is going to be alot of fun.

  • Mrabbit07


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