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Many people feel that if they are currently eating a very healthy diet consisting mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables that they will be unable to participate fully in a food storage program (or else never use the foods that they store). We have good news! There are lots of great ways you can still live a healthy lifestyle, incorporate food storage foods into your daily diet, and store the foods that you are eating every day. Fruits and vegetables can be added to your storage, through freezing, canning, dehydrating, and sprouting etc. (see links below for more details). Also, there are alternate food storage calculators for basic long term storage foods.

Healthy Food Storage - an alternative calculator and additional tips on building a healthier food storage

Healthy Food Storage Recommendations for 1 Person

300 lbs Organic Wheat
155 lbs Other Grains
50 lbs Nuts
50 lbs Seeds
75 lbs Organic Beans
60 lbs Raw Honey
20 lbs Oil (coconut oil, olive oil, wheat germ oil)
10 lbs Salt (real salt)
60 lbs Sprout Mix
5 lbs Seed Sprout mix
Garden Seeds (non hybrid)

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