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We began this How To series as a way to teach ourselves (and our readers) some important emergency preparedness and self reliance skills. As we do additional posts we add them to the list below. You never know when some of these skills will come in handy.

How To: Turn Off Natural Gas
Learn how to shut off your main gas line as well as how to shut off gas to individual appliances such as the furnace and water heater

How To: Turn Off Main Water Supply
Learn how to shut off the water supply to your home in case of an emergency where water could become contaminated

How To: Change a Tire
Learn how to find your donut and tools, and the process for changing a tire. It’s a good refresher, and skill any driver should know.

How To: Build a Vinyl Square Foot Garden Box
Build your own great-looking and functional garden box your square foot garden with this simple tutorial.

How To: Build a Rotating Can Rack
Learn how to build your own rotating can shelves out of CARDBOARD. A great solution if you can’t afford the deluxe shelf systems.


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