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Welcome to our 3 month supply segment with Grandma Lori and the:

Last week we posted the “Questions to Ask Yourself” when planning your 3 month supply. Julie got together with Grandma Lori and asked her those questions so they could formulate a plan. Watch the video to see what Grandma Lori’s answers were, and then read on to see her very own custom plan.

Grandma Lori mostly wants a 3 month supply of foods she eats regularly using meats she can store in a freezer. She also wants to get the foods all at once and then from there use and rotate. Like we’ve said before each persons plan, budget, and preferences will dictate a personal game plan.


1. Lori gave Julie a list of 12 of her most common dinner recipes (in the video Lori thought it would be a good idea to use the forms, but since Julie was feeling generous, she told Lori she would take Lori’s recipes and fill out the excel form for her).
2. Lori listed breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas to buy a lot of, but isn’t going to plan each day like she wants to for dinners.
3. Julie is going to compile the master list of ingredients to shop for based on the recipes and what Lori already has on hand.
4. Julie, Lori and Jodi will make a fun trip to the stores and get the foods.
5. Julie, Lori and Jodi are going to be build the shelves that CanOrganizers are going to donate for Grandma Lori’s pantry.
6. STOCK the pantry!
7. Lori will use and replace the foods. YAY!

Stay tuned as we complete and document action items #3-#7.


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