How Prepared are YOU for an Emergency?

You may remember last September we celebrated National Emergency Preparedness month by hosting our FUN 7 DAY CHALLENGE. Starting on a surprise day in September, for 7 days, we had a new emergency each day to survive with only things we already had stored in our house. We are gearing up to run the Challenge again this year. Click here for more information and to SIGN UP for this year's challenge!

Read what others are saying about the Seven Day Challenge:

"This past weekend we had a nor'easter and our power went out. Rain and wind knocked down trees and flooded a large part of the city. I participated in your challenge in September. We loved it and it really opened our eyes to things that we needed to do to get ready for emergencies." -- Kari from Virginia Beach

"We asked 5 families to participate and give their feed back at a relief society meeting that we held. We gave out your findings report and reviewed the 7 day challenge with everyone and had our 5 families give their feed back. WHAT A SUCCESS!!! ... Thank you again for allowing us to use your 7 day challenge. It truly opened eyes in our ward." -- Michelle

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  • National Preparedness Month Events
    Check out the calendar on's website. Select your state and see what preparedness events are going on in your local area. Plan ahead for anything you may want to participate in during the month of September.
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Grandma Lori Extreme Food Storage Makeover - Long Term Storage
Grandma Lori's Exciting New Purchase - Can you guess what it is???
Setting Up Grandma Lori's New WonderMill - Watch to the end of the video for a bit of a luah
Waffles, WonderMills, Webs - Grandma Lori's daughter makes waffles!

Preparedness on a Budget
Top 10 Tips for Emergency Preparedness on a Budget - Fantastic tips for everyone.
Meal Planning Made Easy - Jodi shares tips on how to meal plan and save on groceries

Food Storage Education
Grains, Facebook, and a Guessing Game - Learn about different types of grains
Book Review: Emergency Food in a Nutshell - See what Jodi thought of this book
Dutch Oven Cooking - Oh Boy! - Learn some basics to help you get started

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  • Preparation and hints for the
    7 Day Challenge
  • Baking the perfect bread
  • Julie's HEALTHY lasagna
  • Jodi's favorite food storage book
  • BIG announcement about National Preparedness Month celebrations

Make multiple copies of your important documents and media. Scan them, save them to an external harddrive, burn them to discs, and use an online backup service. You never know what might happen.

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