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You may remember last September we celebrated National Emergency Preparedness month by hosting our FUN 7 DAY CHALLENGE. Well some of us thought it was fun… others (who actually participated) may not have. Starting on a surprise day … for 7 days, we had a new emergency to survive with only things we already had stored in our house. Julie was 8 months pregnant and didn’t appreciate all the things we put ourselves through, but hey, we learned a lot and are almost recovered enough to do it all again.

We use email to communicate each of the day’s challenges so make sure to sign up below. This also indicates your commitment to participating in this year’s challenge!

Remember that building a Food Storage is a PROCESS, so don’t get overwhelmed, celebrate your successes, and make goals to keep moving forward. Last year we learned a lot, and know that even REAL experts learned too. Wherever you may be, there is something you can improve on. If you plan on participating in the challenge here are some ideas to help you educate yourself, and get ready.

  • IDEA #1 Go through the BabySteps and see where you may have holes in your preparedness plan and Food Storage.
  • IDEA #2 Make sure you’re signed up for the Checklists, as they help you keep on track all year round. Along with bi-weekly reminders, you get a monthly Newsletter with tips, ideas, and great deals we find.
  • IDEA #3 Get the Food Storage Made Easy Downloadable Binder. This 100+ page pdf helps you get organized with all 26 checklists, and all the best site posts, info, recipes and more.
  • IDEA #4 Familiarize yourself with our Facebook Page. A ton of discussion, learning, and sharing goes on over there during the challenge. So come on over and get to know everyone and get used to how the page works before the challenge starts.

We’re so excited (well not REALLY), to do this again! We can’t wait to learn from each other like we did last year, and meet more of you on facebook – as that is where we do a lot of chatting about the days as we do the challenge.

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