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Follow the checklists for ONE YEAR and you will have a full year supply of food.

1. Beginners Guide And Pep Talk

This beginners guide will cover all the basics of food storage in a fun and informative way leaving you ready to get started with the confidence to succeed.

2. Family Emergency Plan Worksheets

This workbook will help your family develop their basic emergency plan. It includes information to develop a basic family plan, an emergency binder, 72-hour kit options, evacuation lists, car kits and more.

3. Shelf Stable Recipe Book

This cook book comes from reader submissions of their favorite food storage, shelf stable recipes. It’s a great resource to print and have on hand.

4. Preparing Kids For Life Workbook

Preparedness isn’t just about being ready for a storm or a disaster. It’s about being ready for life! This workbook will give you ideas of things you can do to get your kids ready to leave your home and face to real world.

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