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The monthly preparedness projects calendar helps you pick one project to work on each month to help you and your family be a little more prepared!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • One project idea per month
  • Links to helpful posts/instructions on how to complete the project
  • Biweekly newsletters full of free food storage and preparedness
  • Special notification of big sales on food storage
  • Access to all past newsletter archives

  • Wagnfun

    I signed up for your baby steps awhile back but life got in the way.  I tried signing up again to start all over but the website already has my email addy on file.  Is there a way my email can be removed so I can restart the baby steps?  Thanks!

    • I got you started over in the system. You should received number 2 in 2 weeks, and I’ll email you the link to #1.

  • Lshellnu

     I have been on the list because I get my Baby Step checklists but don’t seem to be getting the newsletter. Did I forget to do something?

    • It should come to you, but usually has [FSME Newsletter] at the front or end
      of the subject line. I’m wondering if that might cause it to go to your
      junk mail? You could also try subscribing specifically to the newsletter
      list. Our system should keep you from getting a duplicate newsletter even
      if you are on both lists.

  • Anita Oberle

    As you can see the address I am entering has been blocked by your system.. ID block#11687
    I would like the Newsletter…
    Anita Oberle

    • I just added you to the newsletter through our back end. You will need to
      click “confirm” on the email you get to be subscribed officially. Hope that

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