Welcome to BabySteps Checklist #2. For this checklist we will focus on preparing your space to make room for all of the great food storage items you will be buying. It feels so much more doable to get started if you know you have a good location picked out and the shelf space readily available.

People often put off starting a food storage because they don’t feel like they have enough space to store it all. We have come up with some great tips to help overcome this hurdle. We also have plans available to create your own inexpensive shelves if you don’t have the money for a comprehensive can rotation system just yet.


Purchase one of these shelf options that meets your storage needs:

Purchase or build rotating racks to keep your smaller cans organized:


Clean out an area for your food storage, create a space that makes you feel motivated!

For creative space ideas read our Small Spaces Storage Solutions post

As you create your storage space, make sure to consider future needs for growth

Before buying your shelf, decide what type of system will work best for you (see BabyStep 1)

Build your shelves or cardboard racks depending on which options you chose

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