Welcome to BabySteps Checklist #1. We are so excited that you have made the commitment to get your food storage in order this year! There are many reasons WHY people build a Food Storage, find out more about them in our Why Food Storage Series. We recommend people get a basic Emergency Plan in place before they really dive into the food storage concepts. If you have a 72 hour kit of food, water, and supplies you will be better off in an emergency than 95% of the country. This list may feel daunting, so feel free to spread out the tasks over more than two weeks if you need to. The rest of the checklists will be much less intense.


For this checklist we will be working on the Emergency Preparedness Plan. The tasks will cover the three main areas of our Emergency Preparedness Plan:

  • Family Plan
  • Disaster Kit (includes 72 hour kits and emergency binder)
  • Evacuation List (includes grab list and car kit and computer backup)


Print out the Emergency Preparedness Plan and complete the following tasks:

  • Review the Family Plan section and go over it with your family
  • Inventory and gather supplies you have on hand for your Disaster Kits
  • Follow the instructions to create your own Emergency Binder
  • Fill out your Evacuation List in order of priority
  • Inventory and gather supplies you have on hand for your Car Kits

Try this fun Scavenger Hunt activity to help you compile the items for your Car and Disaster Kits


72 HOUR KIT: Purchase/make your 72 Hour Food Kits including water
Create own with detailed instructions or customize your own with our meal plan worksheet found in our eprep plan.

DISASTER KIT: Purchase any remaining emergency supplies that you do not already have on hand
Read Disaster Kits for Babies/Toddlers if applicable to your family situation
Ready America: Pre-Assembled Kits
Emergency Essentials: Emergency Kits

EMERGENCY BINDER: Purchase the items necessary to compile your emergency binder

  • Create Your Own: Purchase a 2″ 3-ring binder and divider tabs (see to-do section for how to compile it)
  • Buy a Pre-Made Binder: Simply pop in your own documents into the Prepare My Life Planner
  • Optional Item: Purchase a fireproof/ waterproof locked box for your Emergency Binder

CAR KIT: Purchase/compile your Car Kit items and put them in your trunk!
We’ve found good comprehensive kits at Wal-Mart or you can buy them online

COMPUTER BACKUP: Purchase necessary backup discs, hard drives, or online backup

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