Emergency Preparedness Plan

We compiled information from a lot of different resources and created a Family Emergency Preparedness Plan for you to download. This document will guide you through developing your own Emergency Preparedness Plan.

The components of a basic Emergency Preparedness Plan: Family Plan, Disasters Kit, and Evacuation Lists and bonus info on computer backup and other basic info.
EPREP Basics: Family Plan
It’s a good idea to be on the same page with your family as to what you would do in case of an emergency.
EPREP Basics: Disaster Kit (72 hour kits)
Be sure to have a disaster kit with supplies, 72 hour supply of food, and your important documents in an emergency binder.
EPREP Basics: Evacuation List
Having a good car kit and grab list will help in case of an emergency where you may need to evacuate.
Do you have alternative ways of cooking foods without power? Do you also store the necessary amount of fuel to actually use those methods?
It is crucial for you to have a back-up way of heating and cooling your home in case of emergencies occurring during extreme weather conditions.
While this isn’t always fun to talk about, it’s important to plan for and be ready for in case there were a situation where regular sanitation methods became unavailable.