Disasters Kit

The following items are what make up your 72 Hour Kits and Emergency Binder in our Emergency Preparedness Plan.

This section includes a list of items for 72 hour kits. We’ve also included a list of important documents for you to gather to create your Emergency Binder in case you you have to “rebuild” your life. These items may be for you to use at home, or for you to take with you in case of an evacuation type scenario.

72 Hour Kits

We have found that most sources suggest storing similar supplies to have on hand in the event of an emergency.  The following is a list of the most common items we found:

✓ Supply of water
✓ Food (see next page)
✓ First aid kit
✓ Prescription medications
✓ Extra pair of glasses
✓ Contact solution
✓ Credit cards and cash
✓ Change of clothes
✓ Sturdy shoes
✓ Battery powered radio
✓ Extra batteries
✓ Blankets or sleeping bags
✓ Rain poncho
✓ Body warmer
✓ Glow stick
✓ Tarp or a tent
✓ List of contact info
✓ Booster cables for car
✓ Car shovel
✓ Ropes
✓ Swiss army knife
✓ N95 dust mask
✓ Work gloves
✓ Flashlights
✓ Wind/waterproof matches
✓ Candles and candle
✓ Trash bags
✓ Personal hygiene products
✓ Baby supplies
✓ Games and books
✓ Pet supplies
✓ Sanitation supplies
✓ Tire repair kit and pump
✓ Maps of surrounding areas
✓ Sewing kit
✓ Blank CD for SOS
✓ Whistle
✓ Multipurpose tool
✓ PowerCap

72 Hour Kit Food Options

When preparing for an emergency, it is recommended that you put together a kit of food to last you 72 hours. You can follow detailed instructions and build your own, put together a custom one from ideas, or buy pre-made ones. We recommend doing whichever option fits your style:

Detailed Instructions: If you want it laid out for you step by step including a shopping list and contents list for one particular example of a 72 Hour Kit, follow our 72 Hour Kit milk jug instructions.

Create Your Own: If you want to have more flexibility over your meal options, you can customize your kit. For suggestions on types of foods to include depending on your personal situation, click here.

Already Made: To purchase pre-made kits, visit emergency preparedness stores, or online sites. The pre-made kits can be helpful, and a great way to go if you are feeling overwhelmed with gathering all the items yourself.

Emergency Essentials
eeEverything from a basic one person kit to a deluxe kit for the whole family.

Emergency Binder

An Emergency Binder is a compilation of important documents.   In the event of an emergency, you could grab your binder and go with all your documents.  We recommend storing your binder in a fireproof/ waterproof locked box that is small enough to be transported with you in an emergency.

✓ Birth certificates
✓ Passports
✓ Immunization records
✓ CASH – keep small bills
✓ Copy of your will
✓ Medical information
✓ Military and church papers
✓ Diplomas and transcripts
✓ Marriage certificates
✓ Adoption papers
✓ Current pictures of family
✓ Pet records
✓ Proof of citizenship
✓ Homeowners insurance policy
✓ Auto insurance policy
✓ Life insurance policy
✓ Medical insurance policy
✓ Pictures and lists of all your personal belongings
✓ Contact information for insurance agents
✓ Copies of your credit
✓ Bank statements
✓ Retirement statements
✓ Social security statements
✓ Internet passwords
✓ Utility statements
✓ Work/tax documents that would be difficult to replace
✓ Deeds to properties
✓ Titles to cars, boats etc
✓ Warranty information

For complete instructions on making an Emergency Binder visit this post



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