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Are you STILL procrastinating getting your disasters kit together? Well we thought of a fun way for you and your family to GET IT DONE! Presenting the Food Storage Made Easy….


Get your family together for a fun night. Whether you hunt for the items in your house or at a store, make it fun! Included in the scavenger hunt are strips of paper you can cut with the name and image of the item – that way young kids can get involved too! Cut up the strips and assign different family members different items. Make it a race and see how quickly and fun getting prepared can be!

When you’re all done make sure you store your kit in a safe place you would have quick access to in times of evacuation. Click on the image to download your scavenger hunt kit today!


Also – don’t forget to fill out your family plan and get your evacuation plan including car kit in order!

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Disaster Kit Scavenger Hunt - Get the whole family involved

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