Julie’s 3 Months of “Normal” Foods List

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Now, if you take a look at my three month plan vs. Jodi’s you’ll notice we’re different. When it comes to meal planning, Jodi likes to call herself organized, I tend to call her intense. I like to call myself creative, she might argue I’m scatter-brained. Nevertheless, we are all different and go about doing things differently. So for all you creative people: I made a list of what I normally buy at the story and put it on an index card (and yes it’s cute because it’s pink). When I look through grocery store ads, or other useful blogs on grocery shopping sales, I’ll see if any of my “list” items are on sale. Actually the truth of the matter is, I’ll wait for my awesome sister Andrea to call me and tell me where the sales are. She’s great at that. Anyways, I’ll buy my foods bulk. I’ll just keep on buying those foods on sale. With my three months list, I’ll creatively make meals and enjoy good food, for good prices.

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