Because I Am a Nerd (aka Jodi’s 3 month plan)

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So I know Julie will mock me for this, but I like to be organized with my cooking and I stink at making up meals out of random ingredients. I also tend to be somewhat of an excel junkie … thus my 3 month plan is quite detailed. I started by jotting down in a notebook 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 14 dinners, and a few snacks that could be made if no fresh meat/produce was available. Then I multiplied those meals out to get 12 weeks worth of food planned. I pulled out my recipe book and marked down exactly what ingredients I’d need to make those meals the specified number of times. I compiled all of that into an inventory list that I will print and update as I accumulate the items on my list. If you would like to see my spreadsheets in detail you can click on the sample image to view the excel file. I know this strategy might seem overwhelming to some of you, but for me it makes me feel empowered and confident that I will be able to utilize the items should the need arise.

Please note that since this posting we have developed a great customizable 3 month plan spreadsheet that you can use for your own plan. Go to the BabyStep 3 page for more details.

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