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I was at the Utah State Fair this week and happened to come across a booth that had a wheat grinder displayed. Of course I got excited and headed over to check it out. Turns out it was the author of Food Storage 101 which is a book we have been recommending since we started our food storage adventures. I got to have a nice chat with Peggy and learned a bit about wheat grinders, food dehydrators, and about several of her other books.

Peggy’s book gave us the inspiration for establishing our BabySteps. She was the first one we found who just laid out a food storage plan in a series of steps that you can follow. Our intention was to complete her steps but we soon realized that we had a lot of questions about each item and we needed to explore them further. So we expanded on the idea and split our research into steps that made sense to us and the research we were doing. Thus our “BabySteps” were born.

Even though we diverted from the Food Storage 101 steps, we still go back to the book constantly as a resource. If you don’t have any materials on food storage yet I would highly recommend picking this up. She also has lots of recipe books for actually USING your food storage. We haven’t read any of those yet but they sound great with titles like “Cookin’ With Dried Eggs” and “Cookin’ With Beans and Rice”.

Check out Peggy’s website for more details about all of her books.

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