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So if you remember from my beginnings post, THIS is what my food storage looked like 2 months ago. If you are new to the site, you may not have been around when Jodi and I declared to the world we were going to figure out this food storage stuff and share our research. Well since this humble beginning, my food storage has come a long way. I have a LONG WAY to go still, but I’m not going to be intimidated and I’m going to keep adding bit by bit.

Here is what my food storage looks like after stocking up on a couple things each time I went grocery shopping, and after taking advantage of the case lot sales that are going on in local grocery stores around Utah.

TO PREPARE for the Case Lot Sales, this is what I did:

-Took my three month supply excel file, and figured out what I still needed to buy.

-Bought everything that was on sale that was on my list.

THAT’S IT! However I did already have my excel file all complete.

My next steps are to buy another shelf, wait for a cereal, pasta, and toiletries sale and then STOCK UP on those items. After that I will have my 3 months supply of normal foods and be ready to start buying the Long Term stuff. How exciting!

p.s – I know I know if there were an earthquake then I would probably have problems keeping all these rows of stacked cans all cute, but I’ll work on that plan later. We promised ourselves we would tackle this bit by bit so we wouldn’t get overwhelmed- Our research has officially surpassed our actions but we’re catching up!

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