Tweets of the Week: Nov. 23 – Nov. 29, 2008

Here are some tips and cool sites we were talking about on twitter this week

Great site on keeping your family organized. Organization is the key to success at any endeavor, even food storage!

Whole Wheat Homemade Playdough AWESOME IDEA!!! 10:35 PM Nov 25th from twhirl

Retweeting @JayceHall: Reviewed the emergency kit deal: (GREAT thorough review! Thx for sharing.) 3:24 PM Nov 25th from twhirl

RT @erinannie: getting closer to actually leaving my couch to get ginger ale, soup, and crackers. note to self- add those to food storage. 3:20 PM Nov 25th from twhirl

OMGOSH if you really want the 55 gallon water barrels and live in Arizona … this is your lucky day. Only $20! 3:04 PM Nov 24th from twhirl

Check out this little page on how you can have fun with your food storage. Discusses 4 great blogs to help you on your way 2:41 PM Nov 24th from twhirl

Some good tips on learning survival skills from the “Perpetual Preparedness” blog. 7:04 PM Nov 23rd from twhirl

Made these “bean brownies” this weekend for a friend with tons of allergies (had to sub splenda for sugar) Not too bad! 5:10 PM Nov 23rd from twhirl

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