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Is building your food storage one of your New Year’s resolutions?

With the new year approaching we have been hearing our readers talk a lot about getting their food storage put together this year. What a FABULOUS time to get a fresh start and really DO IT! We wanted to find a way to really help people be able to achieve this goal so our first gift to you this season is a series of BabyStep Checklists. These are email reminders that will be sent to you every two weeks with information and specific to-do lists that you can print and check-off as you complete each item. After a year of receiving our reminders you should have your 72 hour kits, water storage, 3 months normal food supply, and one year of long-term food storage all accomplished.

As you plan your New Year’s resolutions we hope that you will accept this gift from us and make food storage a top priority this year. To start getting the reminders as soon as they are available you can pre-register for our reminders by filling out your information below.

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to build your
Food Storage
also included:
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Shelf-Stable Cookbook
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