Gift #3: Revamped BabySteps!

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In honor of FINALLY completing BabyStep 10 we decided to go back through all of the steps and really fine-tune the information that we have given you.

Here are a few highlights of things we have updated:

  • Updated icons for each step
  • Simple navigation tool at the bottom of each step to help you easily move from one step to the next
  • More info about us and how we are approaching our personal food storage
  • Updated some of the resources
  • More clarity in some of the steps
  • Last but not least, a CUTE new setup on the main BabySteps page

We are so excited to give you this gift right before Christmas. Hopefully it will help you be more motivated to get going on the BabySteps in the new year. And if you haven’t signed up for our checklists yet you better get on it asap!

Let us know what you think of the new icons 🙂 We LOVE them!

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