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We haven’t done a “Tweets of the Week” post for a few weeks as we have been extremely busy getting the Fun With Food Storage Network up and launched so bear with us as this one will be fairly long!

Here are some tips and cool sites we were talking about on Twitter the last few weeks in case you missed any of our “tweets”.

Check out the interview we did
(posted at Blogcritics online magazine). Cool stuff! 10:17 AM Jan 16th from twhirl

Heading to Macey’s for the food storage sale! Budget for tonight = $150. Let’s see what I can get. YAY! 7:46 PM Jan 15th from twhirl

In case you didn’t see the Tweet last night, I started a food storage twitter group. Come join us! #foodstorage 11:07 AM Jan 15th from twhirl

Today I tried making mac n cheese with powdered milk. We couldn’t even tell the difference! SCORE! Using and rotating 🙂 10:13 PM Jan 14th from twhirl

If you already read our “backing up your computer” post, make sure to also read this more detailed post on Utah Preppers 3:18 PM Jan 13th from twhirl

Organize your pantry and freezer to save money! Great ideas here! 11:45 PM Jan 12th from twhirl

Is your computer backed up in case of a natural disaster or theft? Read our story and take action! Mozy Review We have a giveaway too! 5:22 PM Jan 12th from twhirl

Potato pearl recipes … These sound delicious! One of my favorite biscuit recipes uses leftover mashed potatoes. 4:10 PM Jan 12th from twhirl

Whole wheat pita bread from scratch Seems a little hard but would be a nice change from regular bread. 5:40 PM Jan 10th from twhirl

Retweeting @carolARC: Those rubber mats people use for RVs are great to help keep crockery/jars from sliding in a quake. (great tip!) 3:51 PM Jan 8th from twhirl

EXCELLENT source for water storage and purification info! Thanks @cboyack for sharing! 2:50 PM Jan 7th from twhirl

Yay! We made it into the newspaper!!!
Check it out @ The Daily Herald 11:13 AM Jan 7th from twhirl

Sissy Salsa using all food storage ingredients (if you skip the cilantro) … and it sounds YUMMY! 1:04 AM Jan 5th from twhirl

Food storage purchases at Wal-Mart today: powdered milk, 8 rolls of paper towels, spare bottles of bbq sauce, and some white rice. Go me! 9:53 PM Jan 3rd from twhirl

How to Create an Emergency Binder – These are a very important part of your disaster kit. 6:48 PM Jan 3rd from twhirl

Benefits of buying MULTIPLE Sunday newspapers to get lots and lots of coupons! Great tips on couponing here. 6:48 PM Jan 3rd from twhirl

Some great thoughts on what exactly food storage IS. I always forget that some people have never heard of the concept. 5:29 PM Jan 3rd from twhirl

I just found an old “sprouting cookbook” at my mom’s house. I think I am going to start experimenting while I wait for vegetable season! 2:14 PM Jan 2nd from twhirl

Some of my food storage goals this year: get a wheat grinder, expand my gardening/canning, COMPLETE my year’s supply, use my foods! #Happy09 10:22 PM Jan 1st from twhirl

If you ever want to be impressed, check out this blog post and browse the rest of the site. Seriously. 1:39 PM Jan 1st from twhirl

Retweeting @mcantelon:
For anyone interested in long-term food storage, here’s a Canadian supplier for oxygen absorbers: 12:25 AM Dec 30th, 2008 from twhirl

@RedCross just added me on Twitter … eek. That’s a little intimidating. I’m supposed to be learning from THEM! 2:39 PM Dec 29th, 2008 from twhirl in reply to RedCross

This guy has a SIX year supply of food storage! I bet he could teach me a thing or two on this topic 😉 2:28 PM Dec 29th, 2008 from twhirl

For food storage New Year’s resolutions we are offering our own email reminder program! Check out our babystep checklists. 12:34 PM Dec 29th, 2008 from twhirl

I’m quick soaking some dried beans for my sour cream chili bake dinner tonight. Good recipe for rotating some food storage 12:26 PM Dec 29th, 2008 from twhirl

Pretty good links all about Food
at (Our site was just added at the bottom of the page. Cool!) 9:28 PM Dec 28th, 2008 from web

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