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We now have tools for EVERYONE to plan their 3 month food supply (and it only took 3 full days to get it all ready for you – so we hope you USE them ;).

Up until now we have had this intense and “awesome” spreadsheet. However we’re excited to announce two new ways to plan your three month supply – a new and improved excel spreadsheet, and printable forms. The new excel spreadsheet is a lot more intuitive and easy to fill out with the same end results of the old one. We also created printable forms you can use to fill in with good old fashion pens and pencils for those of you who may not have access to excel.

The NEW Excel

To download the new excel form, click here. This form will automatically calculate the number of ingredients you need to purchase for three months. You can also use this spreadsheet to keep track of prices, and as an inventory tracker.

Here is a little tutorial on how to use the new excel (we STRONGLY suggest watching it – there are many ways you can interpret how to enter the info and it needs to be a certain way):

The Printable Forms

To download the printable forms, click here. There is an Instruction Sheet, a Menu Plan Sheet and an Inventory Sheet. You will need to print the Menu Plan Sheet multiple times depending on how many different meals you want to plan.

Here is a little tutorial on how to use the print out forms:

Planning Tools

We have added these spreadsheets to the BabySteps 3 page and to the Tools page. REMEMBER, check out all our tools on the tools page. We make sure to add any of our most helpful posts in there.

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