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Are You Prepared? Do those three words give you anxiety? We have been working on our food storage and emergency preparedness for exactly one year now and recently we started to wonder, are we really prepared? We have all this food, we’ve been learning how to use it, but in a true emergency situation would we be ok? We figured if we felt this way then maybe some of you are having the same thoughts too and we came up with a great idea to test if you ARE prepared.


What is The Seven Day Challenge

The Seven Day Challenge is a mock disaster that will last 7 Days in which we will be initiating an emergency “fire drill”. Participants will have a chance to test their level of preparedness in a simulated emergency environment. Each day during the Seven Day Challenge you will receive an email informing you which utilities and/or food items you will have access to. At the conclusion of the Seven Day Challenge participants will have means to share, discuss, and give feedback on how they could have been “better” prepared.

When will it start?

We wanted to give you the whole summer to really hash out your emergency preparedness plan and get a solid start on your food storage. So we will give notification sometime in the month of September (no we won’t tell you the exact date!) that the challenge has begun. Even if you are just getting started now, you will have enough time to fully participate in our challenge. And the best part is we have TONS of exciting things we will be doing this summer to help everyone prepare for the challenge.

Will this be fun?

If you have been following our blog, you know that we HAVE to make everything fun! So we have created a 7 Day Challenge puzzle which we will be revealing one piece at a time. Each piece will contain more information about the challenge such as prizes, how the challenge will work, helpful tips, etc. So check our blog frequently and/or add us to your RSS feeds or Twitter so you can keep up with all the excitement!


Check back later this week to find out how you can sign up for the 7 Day Challenge as we reveal our first piece of the puzzle. TRUST US YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! (*hint* There just so happens to be an amazing giveaway going along with it!)

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