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Today we are revealing the 4th piece of our Seven Day Challenge puzzle: THE SUMMER CRASH COURSE!

In order to make the Seven Day Challenge easier for everyone to participate (including BEGINNERS) we are going to use the summer to do a crash course. No – you’re not in summer school but you will be cramming! hehe.

Each week for the next 10 weeks we will be focusing on revamping, adding, and simplifying all of our 10 BabySteps with either new research or things we have learned since we wrote them all last year. This is our one year anniversary month and boy have we learned a lot in the past year! The BabySteps are the BASIS for the BabySteps Checklists we send out every 2 weeks via email. The checklists help you gather your food storage over a year, while the actual BabySteps are the research and information organized on the site.

Each week expect the 2 following types of posts:

Early in the Week:
A post explaining the revisions found on each of the Babysteps including a list of the best posts on that topic.

Later in the Week:

A “Beyond the BabySteps” post with more detailed information on the BabyStep we revised earlier that week.

We wanted to include all the new participants and also give some of our long-time readers some new stuff, so be ready for some fun learning to help you get ready for the Seven Day Challenge coming this fall!


Make sure to check back often because in the midst of these posts, we’ll also be revealing more puzzles to the Seven Day Challenge!

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