The 7 Day Challenge- Three Month Plan Surprise

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Today we are revealing the 6th piece of our Seven Day Challenge puzzle: THE THREE MONTH PLAN SURPRISE!

For a Beyond the BabySteps concept for BabyStep 3: Three Month Food Supply, we have been asked by a number of people how we can share our 3 Month Food Supply Plans.

Over the next couple of months as you get ready for the Seven Day Challenge, we NEED YOU to work on your 3 month spreadsheet. We’re going to be developing a way for you to send us your spreadsheets and be able to share the information with each other on the web. If we all come together and share our ideas, we’ll all be more prepared! What a great way we can do our part and share and serve!

We have some of the details planned, and some YET to plan but let’s just say it’s going to be AWESOME!

Hint to make the sharing easier…while you are completing your spreadsheets, open up a word file and jot down any recipes that you are using in your spreadsheet (for meals that require recipes)… We’ll tell you how it will all work after the Seven Day Challenge… Women can only multi-task so much 😉

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